3 Best Essays That Will Change the Way You Think

Here is an overview of my best essays from “101 Essay that will Change the way You Think” that has made an impact in my life.

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Have you thought of which essays could be your favorite from the book “101 Essay That Will Change the Way You Think?”

The act of meditation that impels self-improvement is a vital area of life. Generating different ways to become a better you is a constant change. You might be wondering how an essay can change the way you think. I was conscious of that myself but this book changed my perspective and I’m sure it will change yours.

Many times we do read books just to go with the flow (I’m referring to nonfiction books), but we fail to take notes of some important key points, meditate on them, and if it aligns with our personality, make a change and add them. The truth is making a positive change in life never ends; whether it has to do with lifestyle, fitness, business, and even our mind. There is always room for improvement.

101 Essays that will Change the way You think by Brianna West

Do You Explore Life Experience?

“You think that to change your beliefs, you have to adopt a new line of thinking. Rather than seek experiences that make that thinking self-evident. A belief is what you know to be true because experience has made it evident to you. If you want to change your life, change your beliefs. If you want to change your life, change your beliefs. If you want to change your beliefs, go out and have experiences that make them real to you. Not the opposite way around.” (Wiest, 10).

You can’t always expect to encounter the best experience; the fact is we still have those bad experiences. Does that stop us? Definitely not! I endure both the good and the bad experiences as a writer, but the basic essential is to remember that a scar gives you the opportunity to rise up. Experience is the key element of being successful in life. What you learn from experience can often determine your success or failure in life.

Do Your Emotions Matter?

The second point explains what emotionally intelligent people do not do: “Their emotions aren’t ‘somebody else’s doing.’ Understanding that they are the ultimate cause of what they experience keeps them out of falling into the trap of indignant passivity: Where one believes that as the universe has done wrong, the universe will ultimately have to correct it.” (Wiest, 17.)

Many of us ignore the idea of working hand in hand with our emotions. Research has shown that people who possess a high degree of emotional intelligence can sense their emotions and the emotions of others. It produces work-related results such as leadership, organizational productivity, interpersonal skills, and so on.
I always reflect on this fact: developing emotional intelligence doesn’t mean I don’t have a weakness rather reflecting on both my strengths and weaknesses is the key.

Have You Gotten Rid of Unrealistic Expectations?

This last essay pinpoints an expectation we must let go of hard work guarantees success.

If you’re looking for any one particular outcome as the end goal of your hard work, you’re most likely going to end up disappointed. The point of hard work is to recognize the person it makes you, not what it “gets” you (the former you can control; the latter, you can’t).” (Wiest, 62).

Overcoming serious hindrances can lead to success; thus accumulating personal development, but don’t forget about the sacrifices involved. For example, someone works hard to get noticed by his boss or for some other reason and later discovers that all his effort leads to no avail and he blames himself, thinks of another strategy, and tries again. The cycle continues, and the end result is burnout. Hard work alone doesn’t lead to success; hard work and determination do (keep in mind that there are other forms that lead to success). Hard work should be done for the right motive.

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