3 Jewish Figures To Keep In Mind This Yom Kippur

It is that time of year once more. Yom Kippur is here! Let’s celebrate the holiday by shining light on those literary figures who would celebrate right along with us!

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What is Yom Kippur?

One of the Jewish High Holy Days, Yom Kippur is where the Jewish people fast from one sunset to another. Jews fast in order to gain forgiveness from each other and God for all the sins done in the previous year. Just like the other High Holy Days, there are special religious services held that have specific Yom Kippur prayers. These prayers are all about repenting and asking for forgiveness. The fast is broken with a big meal that is shared with family and friends.

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So, Who’s Fasting With Us?

Starting off with a bang, or a thwip, is Spiderman! Yes, you read right, Queen’s web-slinger is actually a part of the Jewish community. Specifically, the Spiderman in the 616 universe. This is even alluded to in the Into the Spiderverse movie, when Peter Parker breaks a covered glass at his wedding, a common Jewish wedding tradition (Pictured above).

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Who is Sitting Next to Us at Temple Services?

Next up, from the world of Marvel to DC, is Felicity Smoak. This high-class hacker, and part of the Green Arrow’s team, is also Jewish! In the CW show, Arrow, Felicity makes remarks about her Jewish identity from time to time. One most notable remark, is when she explains the jewish tradition of throwing dirt on a grave, when the team buried their dear friend, Sarah Lance.

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Who is Going to Join Us at the Break Fast Meal?

From DC back to Marvel, it’s the Scarlett Witch herself! The daughter of the Holocaust survivor Magneto, Scarlett Witch is one of the Romani Jewish characters in the Marvel Universe. And she would most definitely be down to break her Yom Kippur fast with us.

Yom Tov!

While most of the holiday is solemn and about forgiveness, I often enjoy Yom Kippur because it is a time to see my family and have a great meal after a day of prayers and fasting. So from my family to yours, Yom Tov!

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