5 Bookish Podcasts That Will Feed Your Inner Bookworm

Podcasts are the perfect avenue in our modern world to feel that level of connectivity to those with shared interests. Here are 5 bookish podcasts that will feed your inner bookworm. 

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In an ever-changing world where technology has mostly driven a wedge between the way we interact, the human need for connectivity stays the same. Podcasts are the perfect avenue in our modern world to feel that level of connectivity to those with shared interests. Here are 5 bookish podcasts that will feed your inner bookworm.






  1. What Should I Read Next?

Hosted by Anne Bogel, ‘What Should I Read Next?’ is a deep dive into the everyday reader’s reading list. An interesting array of interviews ranging from antique book collectors, an Alabama teacher who loves libraries, to an avid reader who abstains from social media and thus begs the question: can a reader connect with fellow book lovers without it? You will come away from this podcast with an abundance of book recommendations and true connectivity to the bookish world.




  1. Books & Boba

In addition to having probably the cutest name ever for a podcast, hosts Marvin Yueh and Reera Yoo provide a comforting place for book lovers.  They provide book reviews by exclusively Asian and Asian American authors, interviews as well as book news. It is described as not just a podcast but a book club, and that’s exactly the feeling you get from each episode. In a well-researched and interesting, warm environment, Marvin Yueh and Reera Yoo give the feeling of having a chat with close friends, and honestly, what’s better than that?




  1. You’re Booked

A podcast that fills the nosy need of every reader, with interviews that provide a look into author’s bookshelves and their forbidden books and books they have never given back. There is also a deep dive into questions such as what sparked their love of books, as well as their favorite reading memories. Hosted by Daisy Buchanan, she not only helps fulfill the itch that we all have to know what other people’s bookish tendencies maybe, but also, in turn, provides you with recommendations and laughs along the way.




  1. Currently Reading

Brought to you by four hosts and bookish best friends, Meredith Monday Schwartz, Kaytee Cobb, Mindy Brouse, and Mary Heim, help lead you through current reads (spoiler-free) and book recommendations. With each episode providing the feeling of having a chat with friends at brunch, many interesting bookish topics are covered. Such as book polygamy (reading multiple books at once) or the differences in book culture such as reading vs. buying books and how both can mean something different to each reader and many more.




  1. Boring Books for Bedtime

An interesting and hilarious yet effective take on those who are stressed, struggle with insomnia, anxiety, or anything else that comes with just existing. A “boring” book is calmly read in a “boring way” to help lull you to sleep in each episode. Books range from ‘The History of Bread’ by John Ashton to the ‘US Internal Revenue Service Pub 583, Starting a Business. With a healthy dose of humor in the descriptions of each episode, one can’t help but applaud this unique idea of relaxation that strays away from the standard mindfulness and meditation exercise.