5 Cozy Reads & Coffee Pairings For International Coffee Day

As we settle into fall, readers want books that are warm and inviting. For International Coffee Day, here are five cozy reads to pair with your morning coffee.

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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love a quick, cozy read during the fall as we head into the holidays. With not much time on my hands, I want a book that is both a warm hug and an escape from the real world. And sometimes, during busy days, I can only find time to read during my morning coffee.

To celebrate International Coffee Day (and the first day of October because why not), here are five cozy books to pair with your coffee of choice. Because truthfully, how you take your coffee says a lot about your personality.

If you like your coffee straight-up…


Read Bad Lawyer by Anna Dorn


If you take your coffee straight-up without any kind of flavoring, you are absolutely and undeniably a badass. That said, it also probably means you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, so you have become accustomed to the boldness of black coffee. Anyone as daring as you will enjoy this whirlwind memoir about a young woman destined to continue the family line of lawyers. However, when Anna realizes the dark and brooding history that hides behind the makings of our law and the law firms responsible for upholding these values, she may also find that such an honored profession is not so honorable after all. In 250 pages, you can easily finish this catchy real-life story while downing your morning coffee. Just try not to spill on your shirt.

If you like lattes with alternative milk and topped with cute artwork…


Read Writers & Lovers by Lily King


If you have a latte machine at home, chances are you have a bit more time to get ready in the morning. Perhaps you find yourself daydreaming while your coffee drips out of the machine and whirs its way into becoming your perfect morning coffee. You may be a little sad about the current world, but you’re hopeful about the future. Readers like you will enjoy the story of Casey Peabody, which is currently making its way around BookTok. Casey has just begun her thirties with a dead-end job, few friends, and the loss of her mom. As she keeps her head down to finish the book she has always wanted to write, she finds herself with two very different lovers. This is a story perfect for those who are in their feels about the now, and it will encourage you to keep moving toward your destiny.

If you like americanos with a dash of milk…


Read The Shadows by Alex North


If you enjoy a morning americano, you’re just as bold as the people who like to take their coffee black. However, you do have a bit more perspective on the fact that this is the start of your day, and you would like to enjoy it, so you add your milk of choice to your coffee to balance out the flavors. And sometimes, all it takes is a bit of perspective to solve all of your problems. Enter detective Amanda Beck, who returns to us from North’s The Whisperman, to solve another case of ghosts, missing children, and scary-as-hell handprints. As an outsider investigating a similar case in a nearby town, perhaps Amanda will have some perspective on the legend that connects the two cases together. After all, that’s her job, and she must figure out who is responsible for terrorizing the town before another child becomes a piece of bait. Hopefully, your job isn’t as stressful as Amanda’s, but if it is, then you definitely deserve that americano.

If you like silky, smooth mochas…


Read One Day in December by Josie Silver


If you like a sugary, sweet coffee in the morning, you’re not afraid to begin your day by diving right into a slow-burning love story. You view life to be just as sweet as your coffee, regardless of reality, and frankly, we appreciate you for your optimism! Follow the story of Laurie and Jack as they fatefully meet year after year in unexpected—and sometimes unwanted—circumstances. Make your way through your morning coffee and a decade of missed opportunities with this heart-wrenching tale. And don’t worry, for all your tears of sadness, we promise you’ll be crying tears of happiness by this story’s end.

If you like nitro cold brews


Read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson


While people think black coffee is the most intense coffee of choice, the truth is that people who enjoy nitro cold brews at 7 am are the most wired people of all. They don’t drink coffee because they want to—they drink it because they need it to stay alive all day. Yes, cold brews are less bitter than regular coffee, but the average cold brew also has more caffeine across the board than your regular cup of coffee. This means you have to be an absolute beast to start your morning off with one of these. Needless to say, this self-help book that tells it like it is is perfect for you. You’re not afraid to hear life’s truths, and you’re ready to get out there to do anything you can to live a happier and more fulfilled life. After all, the only person you can ever depend on is yourself. So get wired, devour this book, and get ready to face the day because life is hard, and we could all benefit from giving a little less of f*ck.

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