5 Cozy Reads to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

Despite the weather, it’s officially autumn! Grab your softest blanket, find a cozy reading nook, and start the season right with one of these fall reads!

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Fall lovers rejoice! As of September 22nd, fall is officially upon us. If you have been nervous to break out your autumnal décor, fear no more. Bring out the pumpkins, the faux leaves, and the fairy lights. In celebration of the autumnal equinox, we gathered some of our favorite cozy reads to begin the fall season. So grab your favorite blanket and a hot drink, and snuggle into your favorite reading nook because Bookstr is so ready for these cozy reads!

The Maidens

by Alex Michaelides


In his sophomore New York Times bestseller, Michaelides invites us back into the world of intrigue and mystery. This time, he brings back his signature mix of English and Greek culture to welcome readers into the secret society of The Maidens at Cambridge University. Therapist Mariana Andros returns to Cambridge when her niece’s friend is murdered, and the police’s main suspect is a professor. Join Mariana as she spirals towards insanity while trying to prove the professor’s guilt while simultaneously trying to beat the murderer at their own game. Even if Mariana saves The Maidens from a morbid fate, will she save herself, too?

The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina

by Zoraida Cordova


Orquidea Divina is dying. For years, she never left her house; but upon her passing, family members are invited to take a sneak peek into the life that was so closed off from the outside world. When Orquidea’s family finds their designated gifts years later, someone is determined to clear out the Montoya family tree one by one. To stop the madness, the Montoyas must return to Ecuador to uncover Orquidea’s long-lost secrets and broken promises. Will the family succeed in their mission before the family tree is destroyed?

The Night Swim

by Megan Goldin


Nancy Drew meets your favorite true-crime podcast in this girl-detective thriller. Rachel Krall is famous for her work in true crime, but when mysterious messages bring her to a small town to cover a rape trial,  one case unravels into two. For Rachel to accurately solve this case, she must dig deep–twenty-five years in the past to be exact-and uncover truths without any bias for what is happening in the present. With the help of mysterious letters and podcast scripts, can Rachel solve the mystery of a girl’s disappearance before a murderer gets off scot-free?

Survive the Night

by Riley Sager


When you’re finished with this book, you’ll realize why your parents always warned you to stay away from strangers. Riley Sager entices readers to hop on a ride shared between Josh Baxter and Charlie Jordan as they leave their college campus in November 1991. While Josh is running towards his sick father, Charlie is running away from the gruesome on-campus murder of her best friend. But as the two begin to share their stories, Charlie begins to catch on to Josh’s lies. With no way out and a long road ahead, will Charlie make it long enough to see the morning? Only Josh can decide how this ride will end.

Confident Women: Swindlers, Grifters, and Shapeshifters of the Feminine Persuasion

by Tori Telfer


This series of essays follows the history of sneaky girls, mysterious women, and their notorious reputations for getting their way. In a world run by men, the feminine persuasion is both a blessing and a curse. While men like Frank Abagnale and Charles Ponzi are celebrated for their misdeeds, women who swindle their way into castles or NFL fields are sentenced to death or are eternally blacklisted. In only a couple hundred pages, Tori Telfer magically tells the history of sly women that have been forgotten and ignored by most of the world. And she may just make the point that sometimes, it’s good for women to be bad.

We hope you found your new cozy read for this fall! If you missed our first fall Three to Read the article of this year, click here for some more autumnal recommendations.