5 Wholesome Dobby Quotes from Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter universe, no one is more loyal and lovable than Dobby the house elf. Here are the best five best quotes from your favorite house elf.

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In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, perhaps no one is more loyal and lovable than Dobby the house elf.

From helping Harry during the second stage of the Triwizard Tournament to taking on Death Eaters at Malfoy Manor, Dobby would do anything to help his friends. In honor of Dobby’s birthday this June 28th, we here at Bookstr have compiled the five most wholesome quotes from your favorite house elf.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)




“Dobby was never asked to sit down by a wizard, like an equal.”


When Dobby and Harry first meet, Harry insists Dobby sit down when they talk. Dobby, who at the time is a house elf for the cruel Malfoy family has never been treated so kindly before. He is used to being subservient to wizards, not being treated as an equal. Harry’s gesture opens Dobby’s eyes to a different world, where he can be free as well.


“Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir, but of your goodness, Dobby never knew.”



When Harry hears about Dobby’s plight under the Malfoy family, he offers to help him, a gesture Dobby had never been on the receiving end on. Obviously, Harry is renowned throughout the wizarding world as the boy who lived, but Dobby had never met him personally before. The house elf finds himself impressed not just by Harry’s reputation but by his kindness.


“Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf.”


This is a beautiful moment for Dobby as he finally escapes the Malfoys’ wrath and celebrates his newfound freedom. Dobby will no longer answer to anyone he doesn’t want to and he revels in his ability to do as he pleases from now on.





“Dobby is only wanting to wish Harry Potter ‘Merry Christmas’ and bring him a present, sir! Harry Potter did say Dobby could come and see him sometimes, sir!”


What is a better way to wake up on Christmas Day than Dobby staring you in the face? Sure it was a bit of a fright for Harry, who almost fell out of bed, but Dobby meant well, even bringing him a present. Of course, it was a pair of old socks, which he regretted to tell Harry were a “mistake” because the shop gave him two of the same sock rather than mis-matched ones.


“Such a beautiful place this is, to be with friends, Dobby feels joy for being with his friends, Harry Potter.”


This is a truly heart wrenching quote when taken in context, uttered as Dobby takes his final breath after making the ultimate sacrifice while helping Harry and friends escape from Death Eaters. Even when faced with death, Dobby only sees the beauty in life and is happy to spend his last moments alongside the friends he made along the way.

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