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Welcome back to Three to Read! Our first fall edition this year covers three books where love turns into obsession. How far would you go to save what you love?

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Hey hey, book lovers! Welcome back to another Three to Read. This week we are riding off the back of August’s Romance Awareness Month and providing you with some thrilling tales about crimes of passion. Whether it’s love for partners, family members, or careers, affection can easily become an obsession if the right line is crossed. So turn off your lights, find a snuggly blanket, and make yourself a hot drink! We hope this list helps you find your perfect suspenseful read as we head into the fall.

Hot Pick

Apples Never Fall

by Liane Moriarty



From the outside, The Delaney family is perfect. Stan and Joy Delaney own a beautiful tennis academy and have raised four fantastic children who murder on the tennis court. The children are now adults who have stepped away from the tennis spotlight, and Stan and Joy have decided to sell their academy to grow closer. However, things go opposite of what they planned for their retirement.

One night, a stranger shows up bloody and distressed at their door. But when Stan and Joy take her in, the family begins to fall apart. Not long after, both Joy and the stranger go missing, dividing the children between whether to believe their father is a suspect. In a family that once had everything in common, they may come to realize that everything was just a facade.


Author Liane Moriarty is back with another thrilling tale about family betrayal. Will a stranger be what reunites Stan and Joy, or will it only push them further apart? Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Big Little Lies, you’re going to be enthralled by this “whodunnit” story filled with secrets and treason.

Coffee Shop Read

Rock, Paper, Scissors

by Alice Feeney



Ten years of marriage is a long time. Adam and Amelia Wright are finding this out the hard way. Adam lives with face blindness, leaving him with the inability to recognize anyone—even his wife—forcing him to dive wholeheartedly into his work. Each anniversary comes with gifts and pleasantries, but what Amelia is hiding are letters to her husband that will make or break their marriage.

When the couple randomly wins a weekend trip to Scotland, Amelia wonders if now is the time to tell her husband everything she has been meaning to say. However, this idyllic weekend getaway isn’t as random as it seems. One of them is hiding a secret that will guarantee that their marriage will end here. Readers will devour this page-turner as they begin to question if we will ever truly know the person we decide to marry.


This suspenseful story is for all those out there with trust issues. If you’re a fan of marriages gone wrong, such as in Lucy Foley’s The Guest List or The Hunting Party, Alice Feeney’s new novel is your perfect fall read. In less than 300 pages, Feeney entices readers with a partnership full of secrets and deception. After all, is omission really betrayal? You decide. 

Dark Horse

Panic Attack

by Dennis Palumbo



In book six of the Daniel Rinaldi series, psychologist Daniel Rinaldi finds himself as a crucial part of a murder investigation. In an attempt to break away from both the trauma of his own life and the trauma of his patients, Rinaldi attends a football game gone wrong. A sniper takes down a mascot; however, the person inside the mascot costume is not the person who is supposed to be dawning the “Teasdale Tiger” uniform.

A call from the actual mascot pushes Rinaldi over the edge as he must put his career and life on the line to end the sniper’s killing spree that’s ravishing the town. Will his passion for solving the case cross the line of insanity?


If you are a fan of Alex Michaelides’s The Silent Patient, you’re going to love this psychological thriller. Sometimes our passion for our careers can take us a little too far, and author Dennis Palumbo is no stranger to keeping his readers on their toes. With everything Daniel Rinaldi has been through, perhaps this will be the case that ends his story.

Thanks for joining us for the first fall Three to Read of this year! If you missed our final summer edition last week, click here.