A Study in Sherlock: A Fandom That Never Rests

Sherlock is the reason for fandoms and fans is the reason for Sherlock. His fans are the ones who do not get a minute rest and here is why.

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There is a certain power that is completely unique to fans. They determine the popularity of the show and in some cases are as actively involved as the writers. There are also certain fandoms that just do not rest. Always up to something or the other. On the publication day of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, it is only right to marvel at the strongest fandom. Yes, I said it.  

It was the year 1892 when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle revisited his snobbish detective. Sherlock had made his first appearance 5 years prior but only for one short story, A Study in Scarlet. Doyle never liked the character enough to religiously write about him but then came this 1892 masterpiece.

Readers latched onto Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. His audience grew vastly and he was forced to continue writing the one character he despised. The shock of seeing Holmes become a beloved character was because Doyle made him be a sociopath who was rude, emotionally distant, and not sensitive at all. With his own hatred towards the character, he even took it upon himself to end this fandom. He killed Sherlock in his stories and this is when the fandom showed its true power.

They came together and had protested, wore solidarity bands, and made sure their views were heard. Along with that they collectively receded their subscription from the publishing magazine, Strand. The sway and the intensity of this demand were such Sir Arthur was forced to bring his consulting detective back to life.

The Time Doyle Thought He Could Kill Sherlock / Image Via Better Lemons

Sherlock Fandom Today

They have actively been involved in the mysteries being solved and have never shied away from their opinions. Not letting Doyle ever pull such a stunt ever again. They gave birth to fandom as we know it now. Even after the death of Sir Arthur, the fandom did not fade away. With all the adaptations pouring in, fans have a lot more content to enjoy.

BBC can be credited with increasing the dramatic nature of the fandom even more. They pulled the same stunt as Doyle by faking Sherlock’s death and then even shot a dig on the fans by dedicating a special to their obsessive nature. In this episode, Anderson comes up with various reasons for justifying Sherlock being alive and also mentions many fan theories on how to resurrect him. Moffat and Gatiss, the creators of the show, have always dismissed their fans but leave many easter eggs in the series to calm the agitation.

The Sherlock fandom is one that never rests as even in this time when the last sherlock related content was Enola Holmes (and truthfully, can we bestow such prestige on that?!) they have not given up hope. Energetically discussing gay character arcs for Watson and Sherlock while also shipping Greg with Mycroft, the fans always have something to while the time away.

Doyle may be rolling in his grave seeing his most hated character continue stealing hearts but one thing is for sure, the fandom is far from dying. Killing Sherlock? That’s so 2 years ago!

Featured Image Via Jane McGonigal