A Twilight Analysis By Someone Who’s Not A Fan

We’ve all seen that meme “Still a better love story than Twilight”, right? But is it actually true? Here are some parts of the Twilight Saga I actually liked, despite being weirded out by the existence of a 100-year old virgin.

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We’ve all seen that meme “Still a better love story than Twilight”, right? But is it actually true? In honor of today being the anniversary of its adaptation, here are some parts of the Twilight Saga I actually liked (despite being weirded out by the age gap).

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Bella’s Shield Powers

While confusing in terms of how it originated, having a mental and physical shield is super cool as a power. The way they trained it by putting her loved ones in danger is wild, but as a concept, it’s pretty cool. It isn’t super overpowered out of context which is nice, and it sounds super useful when living with an empath, a seer, and a mind reader. The idea that it started out as a mental power and was enhanced when she became a vampire? Also cool.

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Perspectives on Vampirism

The whole scene where Bella asks Edward to turn her while he calls his vampirism a curse? Awesome conflict choice. What teenager doesn’t want to have super speed and strength for the low price of becoming a walking disco ball. Edward however, has felt the temptation of human blood and personally witnessed the downsides. He’s kind of dramatic about it, but he’s got a point.

The Shape-shifting Wolves

So, you have magical shape-shifting wolves. When the wolves shapeshift they become a sort of hive mind. They have magical imprinted soulmates. They don’t age unless they want to. Yet, when they shapeshift, they can’t keep their clothes on them. I digress, what I actually liked about the wolves was the increase in risk-taking after they turned. Teenage boys who suddenly became a lot tougher would absolutely go cliff diving for fun.

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Skipping over the discourse on whether her existence was possible or not because of Edward’s lack of living body fluids, the part in Breaking Dawn where she was constantly in someone’s arms because no one in her family needed to sleep? Very sweet. Real-life new parents would give so much for that.

The Final Battle

Objectively, looking at two small groups of people on two sides of a snowy field is unimpressive. However, the scene where Alice predicts the future where everyone dies and Aro sees it? Amazing. Twilight really went “Oh learning from our mistakes? No, we learn Before them.” I love that it ended with peace, and the shock value of seeing Carslile die in the possible future was well done.

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