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Whether you’re looking for a romance, mystery, or thriller, you’re bound to love this week’s Three to Read Halloween picks. Maybe just read with the lights on.

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Hey, hey book lovers! Welcome back to Three to Read. This week’s books celebrate Halloween in three very different ways, meaning that no matter what your book taste is, you’re bound to find something you love! Whether you love cheeky romance novels, mysterious detective stories, or thrilling tales of deception, we’ve got you covered with this week’s picks. Take a break from all of those Halloween movies you’ve been watching and join us in celebrating All Hallows Eve the bookish way!

Hot Pick

The Ex Hex

by Erin Sterling



Even good witches can do bad things. When a young Vivienne Jones finds herself with a broken heart, she does what any devastated person would do: cry, drink…oh, and curse her ex-boyfriend. Nine years later, Rhys Penhallow returns to Graves Glen and brings his bad luck with him. Vivienne’s harmless spell may not have been so harmless after all when the town is bombarded by villainous toys, angry ghosts, and an opinionated cat. 

As frustrated as she may be with the situation, Vivienne realizes that she and Rhy must join back together to stop the curse from taking over the town. And who knows: nine years is a very long time. Perhaps the two will find that a decade apart will have changed their relationship for the better. 


This pick has been a standout for many booklists from the moment it was published at the end of September. You may even recognize it from Book of the Month’s October picklist. This witchy story is Gilmore Girls meets Bewitched meets Halloweentown. If you want a cheeky, romantic story to break up all of your spooky reads on your TBR list, give this spellbinding tale a try. 

Coffee Shop Read

Grave Reservations

by Cherie Priest



When a psychic and police officer join forces to solve a murder mystery, only good things can happen…right? Leda Foley is a psychic travel agent who re-books Officer Grady Merritt’s flight when she predicts catastrophe for his original flight. The detective realizes that he can use Leda’s gifts to help solve one of his cold cases, and the two come together to unravel a web of unsolved murders.

What Grady doesn’t know is that Leda is helping out the police department for her own good. Years ago, Leda’s fiance was murdered, and even with her psychic gifts, she could not solve the mystery. As she sharpened her mind and matured her abilities over the years, Leda realizes that perhaps Grady’s offer to play detective may help her find closure to a mystery long unsolved. 


Lucky for our readers, this pick comes out TODAY! So if you’re ready to dive into a Nancy Drew mystery with a bewitching twist, this book is perfect for your TBR this season. In exactly 300 pages, this novel is the perfect weekend read to enjoy with a cup of cocoa and a warm blanket. You’ll have finished this enthralling story before you know it. 

Dark Horse

The Unheard

by Nicci French



Single parenthood comes with its own worries, especially when there is unease around an ex’s new life. When Tess sends her daughter Poppy to spend the weekend with Poppy’s father and his new wife, Tess can’t help but wonder what happened over the two short days. Poppy returns exhausted and not herself, but what worries Tess, even more, is Poppy’s drawing of a violent murder and the four words Poppy keeps repeating: “He did kill her.” Tess’s ex says the weekend went smoothly, and various doctors believe Poppy is just acting up at her parents’ separation. 

But a parent always knows when something is wrong. With Poppy’s memory fading as the days go by, Tess must backtrack to the weekend when Poppy changed. Who was Poppy talking about and what would make her say such disturbing things? Is her daughter truly acting up? In the end, Tess may realize that the truth discovers certainly isn’t the parenthood she bargained for. 


Creepy children are a classic Halloween trope. If you like books such as The Whisperman by Alex North or The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware, you’re going to love this haunting tale of a scarred child and a parent’s regretful decision. The most frightening thing about this book is how realistic it is. There aren’t any spells or curses—there are just lies, secrets, and a single child witness. This is the perfect read to close out the Halloween season. Maybe keep the lights on as you’re reading this one…just in case.

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