Adaptation Of Stephen King Novella, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone”

Whether you’re a Stephen King fan or not, it’s near impossible to escape the reach of the author’s works. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is the latest soon-to-be adapted SK novella to be on Netflix.

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Though Stephen King is best known for his horror epics, he is also a titan in the realm of novellas. With titles such as Different Seasons and Elevation, he has certainly revolutionized what shorter fiction is capable of. One of his more recent novellas was in the collection If It Bleeds called Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, which is set to be adapted into a Netflix movie in 2022.

Stephen King announced on Twitter the two actors signed on for the major characters in the adaptation: Donald Sutherland (Mr. Harrigan) and Jaeden Martell (Craig). The film will be executively produced by Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, and Scott Greeberg, according to an article by Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter, and “produced by Blum, Murphy, and Carla Hacken.”


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