‘Alice in Wonderland’ Inspires ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Any book lover can catch the nods to Alice in the new ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ trailer. With three months until the release, which pill would you choose?

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Icon Keanu Reeves reprises his role of Neo (aka Thomas Anderson) in The Matrix Resurrections, which comes out later this year. The official trailer dropped a few days ago, and all we can say is that the fourth installment of The Matrix franchise looks absolutely INSANE. Fans have already decoded bits and pieces of the mysterious trailer and have connected the dots as allusions to Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.


A recent Vanity Fair article by Anthony Breznican highlights these connections, hyping up this iconic return to The Matrix. Some of the clues are obvious, like the Lewis Caroll book that makes an appearance, or the classic red pill versus blue pill debate. The song in the trailer is Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” which has lyrics that are directly tied to Carroll’s tale. However, some of these nods are less obvious, such as that of the butterflies and the rubber duck. How many nods to Alice can you catch in the trailer?

The last Matrix film was released almost two decades ago, and fans were lucky enough to receive two films in one year. We are so excited to see what becomes of Neo in this fourth installment. Decoding this trailer is like tracking down the white rabbit: you never know which direction the clues will take you. All we can say is that we are so hyped for the return of The Matrix (and Keanu Reeves, of course)! You can watch the film in theaters on December 22 with a simultaneous month-long release on HBO Max. Let us know: which pill would you take?

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