‘Alone Together’: Starting Over With True, New Friendships

‘Alone Together’ is a high school drama and romance Webtoon about friendships and starting over. For the main character she has been through trauma and learns how to love herself and others in her new high school life.

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Alone Together is a Webtoon about new friendship and romance in a high school drama. A girl who wants to start fresh and actually make friends. She will learn self love and face her past traumas to create a new life with friends.

Alone Together: The Plot


Loneliness has been Adira’s friend for years. After a traumatic experience with her father, she moves to live with her grandmother. There she meets a group of friends who teach her what it feels like to be valued, loved, and appreciated. Watch as her new friendships inspire her to speak up, be vulnerable, strong, outspoken, and fall in love.

Alone Together Characters

Adira Edlen


Adira moves in with her Nana after her father goes too far. She has been verbally abused ever since her mother died. She has a passion for drawing but is humble about her skills. She is shy but wants to make new friends. Her trauma holds her back from communicating. She gets a job at a café and tries to get along with her new potential friends in high school. Her Nana takes care of her and she appreciates the hospitality. When meeting Will she finds someone who understands her and is patient with her. She is also close with Luna and Emma, two new girl friends she’s never experienced before. Will Adira get overwhelmed or open up to her new friends?

Will Green


Will first bumps into Adira at a grocery store. Despite this first encounter, he finds her mysterious and sweet. He is friends with Emma, Daniel, Kasper, and Luna. They all go to the same high school together. His father is a professor. Will likes to go out for runs in the morning or at night. He is very close to Kasper and Daniel; whenever they are in trouble he will support them. Will is a very supportive guy when it comes to his friends since its in his nature. Will realizes Adira has past trauma and wants to help her overcome it in baby steps.

Emma Carson


Emma is very intelligent, bright, and enthusiastic. She is very warm and welcoming when first meeting Adira. Her Mom runs the café where Luna and now Adira work. She is passionate about baking and wants to do it professionally one day. Her eldest sister goes to university, so its just her and her Mom running the bakery/café. She is very close to Luna and always wants to stand by her side even when Luna denies the help. Emma is dating Daniel; he’s a longtime friend and its still new. Hopefully she’ll be able to get closer to Adira, help Luna, and gather her emotions about Daniel.



Luna has beautiful purple hair and is the shyest one in the group. It doesn’t help that she is being bullied by the notorious Riley from their high school, and that her all-time crush, Kasper, is with someone else. With these emotions fogging her brain she is very quiet and reserved. But when Adira stands up for her and helps her tackle her situations, Luna is more open. She works at Emma’s café. She may be soft-spoken but is a good friend and has a good heart.



Daniel is the fun goofy one. He is sometimes the butt of the joke. He is known for being very close to Emma since they were in grade school. They recently started going out and are still learning their relationship while trying to steer away from their long years of friendships.



Kasper is the most quiet in the group. He is more of an observer but when he says something its important. He cares all about his friends and will communicate with them about the others’ troubles or to let them know about any situation. He is dating a girl named Zoe so he doesn’t spend so much time with his friends. However, he has genuine true feelings for Luna that won’t leave him.

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