‘Andy Bass’: Unique Appearance is Real Beauty

The Webtoon ‘Andy Bass’ focuses on a girl who’s appearance is half human and fish. She has always been alone. When a new student arrives, they become friends.

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The Andy Bass Webtoon is about accepting appearances. This Webtoon was created by KenneDuck and Gia Rasmussen. Andy Bass is half mermaid and human. The majority of her family are either full human appearance, full mermaid appearance. However, Andy was blessed with having half of each part of herself. Her mother is human and her father merman. Yet what people see terrifies them. The half of her face is a green fish while she has one fin for a hand. Everyone at school ignores her and makes her feel ugly. But when a new student arrives and befriends her, she soon realizes that she is worthy of friendship and love. 

Here are the central characters to this Webtoon!

Andy Bass


She is the sweetest girl and craves friendship. She is overshadowed by her brother, and the rest of her family. But they treat her with care and love. Despite being bullied at school, she radiates positivity. She has a crush on the new student who is a complete human. 



Goes by the name of “Sebbie” he is the polite popular new student. He is considered human. Although his appearance is obviously a reverse mermaid, he has a paper drawing of a smiling face as his disguise. Everyone believes he is human. When arriving to his new school he becomes close friends with Andy Bass who he develops a crush on. Sebbie always has great things to say about Andy Bass.

Hannah and Heather

(from left to right)


Hannah is Andy’s bully. She has been bullying Andy since they were kids. She always made people fear Andy and never be friends with her. There is no explanation as to why. Hannah is ruthless, and uses the high school news to her advantage. Her topics are always broadcasted on the school’s television, making fun of Andy at all costs. It’s hard to say whether her cold heart has melted a little in the series.

Heather is a sweet, naïve, tentative girl. She is Hannah’s girlfriend. Heather sometimes puts Hannah in her place when it comes to her anger towards Andy. Heather is known for crying lots of tears and having seal relatives. She is very sensitive but kind hearted to Andy and everyone she meets. She is the only one Hannah is truly kind to. 

Andy Bass has comedy, romance, and several aquatic characters, and definitely drama. Appearances are irrelevant. No matter where you come from or how you look. Everyone has their own unique beauty. Go read Andy Bass on Webtoon, updates are every Friday.


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