Are Audiobooks the Future for Bookworms? Let’s Listen!

Will printed books be here forever? It’s time to look into the future. Audiobooks are the new way to read.

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There has been controversy on the latest bookworm question: Do audiobooks count as reading?


Many fellow bookworms have pondered over this question. Many feel audiobooks don’t count. They say it’s not the same feeling you get when staring at a book. To physically hold a book is part of the reading experience.

However, times are changing. Technology is always evolving. Not many newsprint or publishing companies print an abundant amount of book copies.  Many libraries and publishing companies are trying to expand their market. eBooks and audiobooks are now available for download. Bookworms must ask themselves: Is it time to adapt?


There is a new era of reading and it is the power of listening! Physically reading a book will always be a great experience. But, bookworms must face the future. Audiobooks may be the new normal.



Audiobooks can be downloaded on your phone

Everyone is glued to their phones. Reading is a refreshing way to avoid technology. But, as technology rises, it’s hard to fight back. Instead, we can embrace it. Audiobooks provide less hassle to carry since everything can be downloaded onto your device. There is no need to flip a page at all. For convenience, an audiobook provides more freedom. If you are commuting or laying on the couch, listening to your story is a hands-free experience. Plus, it saves the trip to the library, and the backache of carrying around a stack of books.


Audiobooks can help with comprehension and visuals

They say there are two types of learners: visual and auditory. An audiobook gives you a two-in-one experience. The voice actors who bring these characters to life, help set a scene in our heads. Their distinct voice changes make it easy to figure out which character is speaking. Our ears help us pay attention to what is going on word-for-word. You won’t have to reread that sentence several times. This can help us have more concentration in our daily lives and pay attention to actual conversations.