How Audiobooks Can Change Your Life

Audiobooks can seriously improve your reading life. If you’ve ever been curious about picking up an audiobook, they can change the way you read for the better.

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If you love reading, audiobooks can seriously improve your (reading) life in many ways. If you’ve ever been curious about picking up an audiobook, I’m here to help convince you why they can really change the way you read for the better.



They Let You Multi-Task

One of the best things about audiobooks is that while you listen to them, you can do so many other things at the same time!

You can listen to an audiobook on your commute to school or work, which is something you could not always do with a physical book. You can also listen to audiobooks while doing chores, homework, or really, any task you feel like.

While listening to audiobooks, the world can be at your fingertips in a whole new way.




They’re Convenient

You can’t exactly carry your physical books, e-books or not, around with your wherever you go. That’s where audiobooks come in!

Audiobooks can be easily accessed through your phone or computer, which means you won’t have to carry any added weight with you throughout your day. You could even get an audiobook version of the physical book you’re reading at home, and take it with you whenever you go out for the day.

And, if you use an audiobook app, you can switch between however many audiobooks you choose! No need for a large backpack to carry all your books.


Sometimes, They’re Better Than Physical Books

You read that right! Some books are just better in audio form.

Audiobooks can add an element of storytelling you just can’t get from reading the words physically. Because audiobooks are narrated by other people (including talented voice actors), the amazing narration can bring a new and exciting aspect to your reading life if the narrator matches the tone of the book perfectly. Added sound effects and music interludes can also give you another element of story immersion.




Additionally, some audiobooks include a full cast of voice narrators! Listening to these kinds of audiobooks can really bring out the chemistry of the characters, and make it feel almost as though you’re listening to a movie.


You Can Access Them In Many Ways

Although Audible is a popular way to obtain audiobooks due to its availability and wide range of content, the service’s cost (currently at $15 per audiobook/credit, or per 2 credits for prime members) might not be right for everyone.

Luckily, there are many other ways to get your hands on an audiobook at a better price!

On Scribd, a monthly subscription of $10 will give you access to 3 audiobooks per month, and the service has a good collection of adult, young adult, and middle grade books to choose from.




Overdrive and Libby are also great options for people in the US. As long as you have a library card (or even a temporary library card), you can gain free access to their online library of books and audiobooks! It mostly depends on the books available in your library region, but Overdrive and Libby (which work together under the former) are incredibly useful if you want to find free audiobooks.

Alternatively, you can also access audiobooks on Spotify! There aren’t too many options, but you can find some available titles here and here. You can also find some audiobooks for free on YouTube, though there are fewer titles there.