Author of “Twilight” Has Confirmed Two More Books in Series

Stephenie Meyer announced that she has some new stories on the way!

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Pop Culture writer Michael Hein recently published an article discussing how Twilight author Stephenie Meyer plans on publishing two additional installments to the famous Twilight saga.

In addition to Midnight Sun, which told the Twilight from Edward Cullen’s perspective, Meyer also expressed the desire to tell the saga from two other characters’ points of view as well. Rumors abound that these characters might be Leah Clearwater and Renesmee Cullen. Meyer went on to say that she has the outlines prepared for these two stories. However, she doesn’t intend on beginning to write those stories until she has gotten the chance to explore some newer ideas that she has for the books.

With that being said, there is no indication as to what Meyer’s next project will be just yet–before releasing Midnight Sun, she published a book called The Chemist. And beyond that book and the Twilight saga, she has also published The Host.

The Twilight series garnered enough popularity to inspire an entire film franchise and several graphic novel adaptations, to name but a handful of aspects that spawned from the original four-book series.

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