‘Blades of Furry’: A Webtoon Skating Romance

‘Blades of Furry’ is a Webtoon about skating and romance. Two male animals compete in a martial arts skating competition. While one is a rookie, the other is harboring a dark secret.

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If you enjoy the anime Yuri on Ice and the movie Zootopia, then I recommend Blades of Furry. Blades of Furry was created by Deya Muniz and Emily Erdos It follows two skaters who are competing in a skating competition. This type of ice skating isn’t just your typical triple axels and glides around the ice. This is somewhat of a dance and martial arts performance by animal competitors. Emile is a competing skater and is up against Radu, the most popular winner. When they fight on the ice Emile discovers Radu’s secret.

Here are the two competing skaters!



Emile is a rookie who recently started his skating career. He has been dreaming of this chance since he was young. When he gets the chance to compete against Radu he is excited. Although he is nervous about his performance, he won’t back down. He won’t let his admiration and fanning over Radu get in the way of victory. But when he discovers Radu’s dark secret, he is terrified. At first they were enemies on the ice. Now they have become friends. Understanding who Radu is underneath all that stuck up attitude for the cameras, Emile forms a romantic bond with Radu and wants to excel in his skating.



Radu is secretly a vampire, a species that is prohibited in this world. They are seen as monsters who feast on all animal blood. However, Radu’s desire to compete makes him strong willed. He has blood alternatives and the coach is the only one who knows his secret. Ever since Emile discovered his secret, while competing with him in the competition, he finds friendship. Soon they create an inseparable connection and it becomes romantic. Radu’s family past is hard, and there have been a few snippets within the series. It is known that he has a brother who is also popular in the skating competition somewhere else.

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