Book Nine of The Outlander Series Release Date is Set For November 23rd

Diana Gabaldon’s new installation to her famous Outlander book series is set to release this month!

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That’s right, Diana Gabaldon’s new book Go Tell the Bees I Am Gone will be releasing this month (in a handful of days).

Diana Gabaldon announced on her personal website that the ninth book in the Outlander series will be hitting shelves and e-readers on November 23rd, and this story’s yarn has most certainly progressed since book 1 was released back in the 90s. Originally set in the Scottish highlands, the tale moved to the Jacobite Rising, and now, it has been set in North Carolina during The American Revolution. This installation to this vast epic follows not just Claire and Jamie, but also their daughter Brianna and her husband Roger.

The title, as explained by Gabaldon in her original post, is based off of the Celtic custom (that then traveled over to the Appalachians) that required individuals who owned bees to tell them when someone is “born, dies, comes or goes–because if you don’t keep them informed, they’ll fly away.”

The book is available for pre-order now, so if you’re intrigued by this tale, definitely go and get this book ordered!