Book Of Love: The Sparring Of Translator and Author

We all like a good steamy scene, right? What if a romance book doesn’t have it, will you still read it? Book Of Love is about that and I am excited!

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There is a common phrase about how no book is ever read twice, but there should be another that is about how no two can write the same book. The relationship between an author and a translator is so interesting. It is a personal relationship. Extending beyond the professional aspect of the work because translating someone’s book is like diving into their world and seeing everything through a different lens. Amazon’s latest movie, Book of Love just dropped its trailer. From the looks of it, there is a lot about the world of translation going to be explored in the Rom-Com.

The trailer gave a sneak peek at the movie. It shows Sam Claflin as Henry, a romance author whose book was so boring that it didn’t sell any copy except for Mexico. In Mexico, his book was a bestseller. People loved his book and him. He went to the country and realized that the translated copies were doing far better somehow. While covering events and going on tours he had his translator. Veronica Echegui who plays Maria, the translator hadn’t translated the book; she had rewritten the whole thing!

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Reaction to Book Of Love

Replacing his bland scenes with spicy ones, she was able to make the book appealing to all. Sam Claflin and Veronica Echegui show the dynamic between a translator and an author. Maria had taken the liberty to spice up his book which can be a cause for a dispute because in a way that can be hampering the vision of the author.

Through the trailer, I only thought of one thing. Are romance books that don’t necessarily have “steamy” scenes not counted as good books? It is interesting to note how the criteria of how good a book is, is dependent on the use and quantity of steamy scenes. Is a person counted as a serious reader if they don’t read books with “those” scenes? We often dismiss such scenes saying that they don’t have value. I am very excited to see how the Amazon movie is going to show the power of good writing in sex scenes when it comes to a genre like romance. The movie is set to release on February 4th, 2022.

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