Bookish Anomalies: 5 Books That You Won’t Believe Exist

These 5 books you must see to believe! From un-becoming your parents to building a time machine, these are the anomalies of the bookish world.

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We’ve all encountered books with titles and premises that captured our attention. Authors work to come up with ever-the-more original ideas, twists, and genre inventions. That tendency is part of the surge in literary and entertainment content that we’ve been experiencing for the past few decades; however, there are some books that stand out entirely—books that you would have never believed to exist until you learned about them. They are out there, alright.

Hold onto your seat, because here are 5 books that might make you fall off one way or another.


Dr. Rick Will See You Now: A Guide to Un-Becoming Your Parents – By Dr. Rick presented by Progressive

It took me a moment to wrap my head around the fact that this book is real. We’ve all seen and enjoyed the comedic gold provided by everyone’s favorite insurance company: Progressive. Their best series of commercials is “On Becoming Your Parents,” which showcase extremely familiar behaviors that adults tend to do. If any of you are genuinely worried that you’ve turned into your parents, get yourselves a copy of Dr. Rick Will See You Now: A Guide to Un-Becoming Your Parents. 


How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use – Randy J. Paterson

The self-help genre is full of great titles focused on how to achieve happiness in life; however, there is an opposite to everything. This book exists to teach you how to live a miserable life. Though it may seem counterintuitive, learning what is detrimental to our growth as people can lead to great positive change. Just as Scrooge was shown the true extent of his bad behaviors, we all can use a good slap in the face to show us how we’re screwing our lives over. 


Ghost-Hunting For Dummies – Zak Bagans

The For Dummies books are DIY classics. Despite their humbling titles, they break down any skill or task into its component parts to increase one’s odds of success. Though most of them discuss what would be considered everyday goals, they have some unexpected titles, such as Ghost-Hunting For Dummies. Take a moment to render the fact that there is a manual for becoming a Ghost Buster that you can actually purchase and read. We at Bookstr know you’re tempted.


How to Build A Time Machine: The Real Science of Time Travel – Brian Clegg

If you’re into DIY, this book title will shock you. Though it probably isn’t enough to help you break the laws of physics and actually travel back in time, it will enlighten you on how the strange and relentless phenomenon works, as well as theoretical ways one could move across that fourth dimensional plane of existence. Whether you’re into science or not, just get a copy and put it somewhere on your bookshelf where it’s easy to see. People will think you’re a supervillain. 


The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future Of Russia – Aleksandr Dugin

Russia: The land of the Kremlin, frozen wastes, and Ushanka hats. The country’s relationship with the world is strained to say the least, and it’s wise to feel a shiver down your spine at the realization that this book exists. In essence, it’s a step-by-step guide for Russia to conquer the world. If you want a quick summary of the book, check out the video made by Real Life Lore. What’s even more sobering is that, according to Real Life Lore, “the Russian military uses it as a textbook for training their generals.”

There are, without a doubt, more bookish anomalies collecting dust on shelves out there, awaiting discovery. Here’s a question for you readers: What’s the strangest book you’ve ever discovered?

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