BookTok: Recommending Colleen Hoover

Merry (almost) Christmas! Today on BookTok we are offering some recommendations featuring some novels by Colleen Hoover.

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Start off this week strong by checking out acclaimed author Colleen Hoover! If you are looking for more of a “deep” read, her books are sure to fulfill you with her abundance of intense plot points. This week we got our rec’s from @literarylola__ on TikTok. BookTok surely never disappoints when you are searching for something new to read, so keep reading for something special to add to your holiday break, or possibly there could be a potential gift in store you could give to a loved one!

Heart Bones

BOOKTOK Colleen Hoover
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This is a story of a boy and a girl who have a lot in common. They both face grim lives that entail financial burdens, as well as family deprivations. In order to make themselves survive, they had to commit things that are, lets say “not right.” When an unexpected death happens, Beyah the narrator has nowhere else to go.

Ugly Love

BOOKTOK Colleen Hoover
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Tate moves in with her brother and meets one of his friends, Miles. When the attraction between the two is too much to bear, they make a deal – they’ll just strictly be friends with benefits; no strings attached. Miles has only one rule: don’t ask about the past and never expect a future. And this, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

All Your Perfects

BOOKTOK Colleen Hoover
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A story of a troubled marriage, and one unforgettable promise that might just be able to save it from disaster. Quinn and Graham’s love is threatened by their imperfect marriage; the secrets and lies that have built up throughout the years are catching up to them. However, one everlasting promise formulated in the past might be able to reconcile all of the lost time.

Christmas is just around the corner, ya’ll. We hope you have a very happy holidays! Keep up to date with our gift guides on our website and Instagram!