‘Brimstone and Roses’: A Supernatural Romance Webtoon

‘Brimstone and Roses’ is a supernatural romance Webtoon about a young woman and lesser demon figuring out how to break a contract but are falling for each other

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Brimstone and Roses is a supernatural romance about a demon summoning gone wrong. If you enjoy the idea of a demon and a young woman slowly falling for each other, then this Webtoon will have you swooning while craving the adventure. This Webtoon has their own world of demons as well as a girl trying to figure her future out. The illustrator/story creator, Speremint, updates every Friday.

Now let’s dive into this demonic plot!

Brimstone and Roses Plot


When Beatrice is invited to her sister’s wedding, she couldn’t be more excited. Until, she finds out her ex is going to be there. Beatrice is still heartbroken and hasn’t recovered from the terrible goodbye. So when she desperately needs a wedding date, she decides to summon a demon to be her date. Things couldn’t have gone better. But No. Much worse. Now the demon won’t leave her alone. Beatrice must figure out a way to break the contract.

Here are the two main characters in this romantic journey.

Beatrice (Bea)


Bea is trying to get her life together. She wants an opportunity to create amazing dishes. But time and time again, opportunities have been lost. She always tries to keep a positive attitude and is strong willed. Right now she works for a family friend who owns a bakery. As far as the demon situation goes, she can’t get rid of him. It doesn’t help that he’s handsome and arrogant. However, as they both agree to find a loophole in their contract, they need to work together to find it first. But soon she notices how helpful and kind he is.

Lazareth (Laz)


Arrogant and handsome, lesser demon Lazareth creates contracts with humans. He isn’t the very best at it, but he must do what he’s told in his world. When he created the contract with Bea, he didn’t expect to be sticking around this long. He knew it was in the contract, forever binding. But once he agreed to help her, he noticed what a kind person she is. Her struggle to balance her life is something he can sympathize with. The more longer he stays in his human form, the more memories keep coming back. These bad memories are painful to see, but his curiosity may get the better of him. Despite them butting heads, they do get along, and this overcoming jealousy when she starts to date again makes him anxious to lose her.


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