Calvin Klein: Rating His Most Iconic Looks

Happy Birthday to the fashion designer Calvin Klein! On this day, we are reviewing some of his most iconic looks!

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Calvin Klein fashion

A few years ago, Calvin Klein released a massive coffee table book that’s over 400 pages long. Today marks his 79th birthday, so let us rate some of the most iconic looks that he features in this massive literary showcasing! Titled Calvin Klein, it takes the readers on a journey down memory lane with images of fashion that instigated his rise to fame. Inside Calvin Klein, you will find some of the most notable models Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Brooke Shields and so many more. Moss is the cover star of this book! The selected photos were handpicked from an archive of 400,000 images and paint a truly remarkable journey for Klein who first entered the scene in 1968. With all that being said, let us start rating some of these looks!

Calvin Klein fashion
Image via the NY Times

Who doesn’t love a little black dress?! I personally am obsessed with the simplicity of this dress. I’m not one for all the glitz and glam of sparkly accents, not to mention this is a dress you could totally wear to bed. I am going to give this a sheer comfort out of 10!

Calvin Klein
Image via RH

About that preference against glitz and glam, I am not a fan of the look on the right. It looks like a shabby, curtain from grandma’s house. However, I am not totally bashing this idea of the swirly, sequenced embroidering. It looks perfect on the picture on the left of the dress, and I think it would be a totally good look for a prom dress. It is a stunning look that definitely catches the eye. I would give this overall a 7 out of 10.

Calvin Klein
Image via CK

Let us review the cover photo of the book. Kate Moss is Boss, so rightfully so this is getting a high rating. I am also obsessed with pinstriped pants. It gives a sexy, boss lady vibe. Additionally, anything in monochrome black is impossible to look bad. The stitching on the top is to die for and is extremely flattering. Overall, 9 out of 10!

Calvin Klein
image via CK

A good sneak peek into the book! Calvin Klein has a knack for the simplistic, monochrome fashion that is so appealing to the eye. Look at that collar on the jacket! It is classy, sexy, and fashionable. I am also so obsessed with the low-cut women’s blazer. It is daring, and it is so hypnotizing. I may not have the confidence to fully pull it off, but wow it is so exciting to look at. 10 out of 10!

Granted, this entire book is $90 dollars on Amazon, but if fashion catches your eye and interest just as much as it does for me, then it is totally worth the buy. Not to mention, it is a great decorative piece for your coffee table!

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