‘Castle Swimmer’ A Deep Sea Fantasy of Destiny

‘Castle Swimmer’ is a romance between two sea creatures who go against their destinies and try to break their curse and find out who they want to become.

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Castle Swimmer is a Webtoon created by Wendy Lian Martin. If you want a Webtoon about romance, fantasy, and adventure, then explore the deep seas of this comic. Castle Swimmer is about destiny, prophecy, and taking control of your own life. I think we all need some motivation to create our own destiny.

Castle Swimmer is on its second season, updates happen every Sunday!

Here is the deep sea plot of Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer Plot


When your life is ruled by a prophecy that tells you what your life is destined for… For these two sea creatures it brings their lives misery.

One is believed to be the Beacon, a light who will bring a hopeful and a bountiful future for all sea creatures.

The other is a teenage prince, his destiny is to kill the Beacon so his people will live.

When they both reject their destinies and decide their own story, it brings an adventurous course of events that leads them on an unpredictable journey. They both discover themselves and try to figure out how to stop their own curses with an unexpected romance flourishing that no one would have prophesied.

Here are the two characters that had the courage to find their own paths!



Kappa has known all his life that he is the Beacon. Whenever his chest glows, it leads to another prophecy to be fulfilled. His scales glow vibrantly, which makes him stand out; however, all his life he is seen as a prophet and an object to fix things. Kappa feels alone and, when he gets captured by yet another sea kingdom needing him, he gets sick of it. But when he finds his life is at stake, he must escape.



Siren is the shark prince of his kingdom. His destiny is to destroy the Beacon and save his kingdom from death. When it comes to being idolized, he despises it. He doesn’t want to kill anyone. When the Beacon is suddenly captured, what he thought he could endure and delay comes closer. But, as he gets to know Kappa, he realizes that the prophecy doesn’t define him. They both decide to find out how to break their curse.

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