Celebrating The Bad Batch As It Receives Second Season

The Bad Batch is a fun, thoughtful show that deserves more time to bring new life to Star Wars content.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch is receiving a second season, writes Deadline. The show, following a group of clones after the end of the Clone Wars and follows the establishment of the Empire. With it, we see the larger impacts of the Empire’s regime on the galaxy in a way that doesn’t really happen in the original movies.





The characters form an eclectic family who feel just as home involving themselves in light-hearted antics as they do making serious decisions about their futures and the futures of those they help. For someone who has never seen Clone Wars, The Bad Batch breeds life into some of the most iconic Star Wars symbols, demonstrating through the contrast between the protagonists and the rest of the clones the eeriness of their unflappable loyalty (which I mention mostly because it draws my interest). Though I’m a few weeks behind on the show, there is plenty of other material that has yet to be resolved, and an entire galaxy for the Bad Batch to explore together, hopefully fleshing out places and peoples we have yet to see much of as of yet.

It’s that reason, I think, that makes the television genre so interesting. Movies have a set plot and a limited amount of time in which to explore. Television shows, on the other hand, spend more time with the characters, the world, and are able to spend more time dwelling on details. While this isn’t probably an exact divide – I’m sure there are incredibly detailed movies out there and television shows that don’t dedicate time to exploration – I’m still interested in observing it, and The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian make the galaxy seem so much larger than what we’re able to observe from the movies, and demonstrate what is at stake.


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