‘Choco Latte’ A Sweet Webtoon, No Words Needed

‘Choco Latte’ Webtoon is about a high school romance drama revolving around two students. Lilly is the sweet main character who will go through love, hope, joy, and dramatics in her everyday high school life.

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A Webtoon that doesn’t use dialogue?! That seems like an impossible option. However, Webtoon Choco Latte does just that. Creator Ann updates this heartwarming high school romance every Friday. If you want a sweet, easy read Webtoon, then prepare to swoon and gawk at the images before you.

Choco Latte Webtoon Plot


No words, just silent images. High Schoolers Kyle and Lilly discover hope, joy, and love through simple everyday life. It’s a sweet, heartwarming webtoon about love and drama around every corner. Each character is going through their everyday life, figuring themselves out while love and other good and bad come around the corner. What will high school make of these individuals? Actions speak louder than words.

Here are the Choco Latte Characters

Lilly Ackerman


Lilly is a very beautiful and sweet girl. Choco Latte centers around her high school experiences. She is kind and has her friends and best friend, Racheal, by her side; she is good-natured and is open to being friends with everyone. She was just going about her average high school life when suddenly Kyle came into the picture. As they spend more time together and get to know each other, will romance bloom?

Kyle Shaw


Kyle has an interest in Lilly. When they begin to hang out, sparks fly everywhere. He always wants to hang out with her and know her better. He works as a barista in a café in their town. He is loved by all and everyone sees him as the handsome, nice guy. His best friend is Ethan.

Ethan Turner


Ethan is an aspiring musician, he loves music and wants to make it into his dream. He is down to earth and keeps to himself. His best friend Kyle is more of a social butterfly. He does have stirring feelings for Racheal, but it’s uncertain. He always tries to give Kyle advice and support him whenever he can. The ideal shy guy best friend material.

Justin Brown


Justin is Lilly’s childhood friend and the new transfer student at her high school. He is a very young celebrity in a three-person dance group. He enjoys the publicity but he is down to earth. He enjoys Lilly’s company. He may have a crush on Lilly that has been stewing for a long time. But despite that, he doesn’t fully pursue those feelings. He works hard in his dance group and is kind to his fans, but fame isn’t everything to him.

Racheal Weslee


Racheal is Lilly’s best friend and has a huge crush on Ethan. She usually hangs out with Lilly and they are very close. She plays a minor role in Choco Latte but her support and need to be by Lilly’s side makes her the best friend that she is.

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