Chris Hemsworth’s Cameo In “Loki”

Did anyone expect Throg? Well, the director did tell us ahead of time…

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Could Disney+’s Loki be complete without a cameo from the God of Thunder? Megan Behnke of Cinema Blend wrote an article to discuss the delightful appearance that Chris Hemsworth made in Loki. Though given that this series explores the concepts of multiverses, there would naturally be multiple Thors as well.



So when Throg makes an appearance, trapped in a jar, in episode 5 of the series, it was to the delight of many. What only makes this better is that the lines that Throg says were, in fact, recorded by Chris Hemsworth himself.

As cited by Behnke, Kate Heron, director of Loki, alluded to Throg’s appearance in her interview with For All The Nerds: “I think [Thanos-Copter] was really fun. And Throg, obviously, getting him in. We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way. I haven’t told anyone that yet, by the way, but we recorded him for that, so that’s a new recording. . . . That’s a whole new recording and not recycled. He recorded that.”

And now that it has been announced that Loki was renewed for a second season, there is the distinct possibility that we will get to see even more multiverse versions of Loki and Thor!

Featured image via Screen Rant