Chronicle Books Releases ‘Little Women’ With Written Letters

Chronicle Books just released a special edition of ‘Little Women’ that includes hand-written letters, notes, and projects mentioned throughout the story.

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What makes a good book is the feeling of being immersed in the story’s environment. Readers have always loved the feeling of discovering their Hogwarts house or picking which Hobbitton house they may have. The release of Greta Gerwig’s Little Women in 2019 once again opened up the question: are you a Jo, Meg, Amy, or Beth? Readers all over returned to read Louisa May Alcott’s classic, and younger fans of the book emerged from the depths of TikTok.

The publisher Chronicle Books released a special edition of Little Women, which includes “17 significant letters and paper ephemera” mentioned in the story.


The book, which was just published today, includes hand-written letters, projects, and notes mentioned by characters in the story. This means that readers will enjoy correspondence between Laurie and Jo, Jo’s manuscripts and poems, and the Pickwick Portfolio newsletter. Imagine flipping through this immersive book while Little Women plays on your TV.

You can order the book from the Chronicle website here. It is the perfect Christmas gift for any Jo, Meg, Amy, or Beth. The publisher previously released a similar interactive version of Pride and Prejudice. We think that these expanded editions of our favorite classics are an excellent addition to any bookshelf.

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