Daily Jo Jo: The Everyday Life Routine of Coworkers

Need an easy comic strip Webtoon that offers a slice of life with office workers? ‘Daily Jo Jo’ is about two coworkers who are complete polar opposites. Watch how their lives unfold at work and at home, and explore their daily routines and possible romance.

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Daily Jo Jo is a Webtoon romance slice of life about two polar opposite coworkers. The creator Donggeon Lee updates every Monday. What makes this Webtoon stand out from the rest is instead of scrolling you swipe left like a comic book. If you want some simple office drama entertainment, then this graphic is meant for you.


Daily Jo Jo Plot


Eunjo is just an ordinary office worker. Her motto is “There’s always tomorrow” She’s a procrastinator, messy, lazy, a slob, and clueless when it comes to being presentable and organized at work. Her impression may look like this but she is known for being a proficient worker and professional with all colleagues and bosses.

Her new colleague Won Jo is the complete opposite of her. He is all about self-care and being self-conscious about his clean, perfect image. He is super kind and has been consistent with his appearance.

Their common struggle is being at war with themselves about their past and future.

Can they find comfort and understanding with each other?




Eunjo has been working at the company for a long time. The way she dresses is very casual: usually shorts, flip flops, and a shirt with a jacket. Her hair is a bit messy and her work station is constantly cluttered. She is used to procrastinating on self-care for another day, then completely scraps the idea. Her past selves and tomorrow selves tell her she can try again later; however, Won Jo shows her what a perfect, well kept coworker looks like. Inspired, Eunjo attempts a friendship in order to get advice and force herself to change, even if her past and future selves won’t let her.

Won Jo


Won Jo is a perfectionist. He has built this picture-perfect image of a guy who is handsome, fashionable, kind, and hard working. He avoids any mishaps that would make him appear anything but flawless. When he notices a colleague at the office who is the opposite of him in every way, he wonders how he could avoid her. When she approaches him, he thinks it’s his duty to help her reform in any way he can; however, after some experiences outside the office with Eunjo, he seems to have lost track of his perfect image and has almost showed his flaws. Can his coworker be a possible safe space to be his true self?

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