‘Dark Mortal’: A Dramatic, Mysterious, Thriller Webtoon

Interested in a mystery thriller drama? Check out ‘Dark Mortal’ a Webtoon about a teen who is able to see a dark blob with terrifying abilities

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Jeonyeok Lee is the creator of Dark Mortal, and good news, this Webtoon is completed! If you enjoy a mysterious high school drama with a dash of supernatural, then this Webtoon is available to read. The first ten episodes are free, while the rest are free one day at a time.

Dark Mortal Plot


Nam Kang is used to being called a freak. Ever since an accident, his parents dying, and losing his eyesight in one eye, he has been bullied constantly. Only his new friend Inky helps him through the hardship. As the years went by and the bullying continued, their closeness became true friendship. One day a beating goes really bad, and suddenly Nam can’t take it anymore. All of a sudden, the next day he wakes up and all his scars are gone, and his eyesight is returned. But Inky is gone!

Here are the characters that make up this mysterious thrilling drama

Nam Kang


Nam is a kind young man who lost his parents in a gas explosion. He was traumatized but tried to push through the hardship. Even though his face was partially damaged he tried to stay positive. Yet, despite being in an orphanage, he was bullied. Even when he got adopted by the old man that saved his life, things were the same through middle school and high school. But he had his friend Inky, a black blob only he can see to keep him company.



A mysterious black blob that has some sort of power. This is Nam’s so called ‘imaginary friend’ yet Inky makes it clear he is real. Inky is the one that helped fix Nam’s appearance and has given him special abilities that are shown throughout the series. He has stood by Nam’s side since he was a child and loves chips. Inky has a cute disposition but is probably creepy and dangerous, and now is living inside Nam.

Habyeol Lee


Nam encounters Habyeol in his new neighborhood. She has amazing athletic skills and gets along with all her classmates. She is caring and kind hearted. She is also Nam Kang’s neighbor and has a brother. She spends most of the time going to the gym.

Jinhyeok Lee


He is Habyeol’s brother and student council president of the high school. He is very athletic and knows martial arts. He is the peacemaker no one messes with. He is nice and fair with all students and doesn’t pick fights unless its provoked by people who need to be set straight.

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