DC Welcomes A Batman Icon To Its New Webtoons Comic

DC Comics joins Webtoons with its first official comic, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, and provides a new origin story to a fan-favorite character.

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At Bookstr, we often discuss growth and adaption within the publishing industry. Recently, we looked at how the new platform, Substack, and how it’s encouraging creators to be their own bosses in an industry that can sometimes discourage beginners. We have also discussed the website, Webtoons—a platform where writers and artists can create serialized cartoons on their own terms. Back in August, DC Comics got in on this action and announced their partnership with the platform to create its first DC series, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. The series dropped back in September, and any Batman fan absolutely needs to get in on this cool and interesting adaptation of the famous Wayne family.


What is exciting about this new comic is that it welcomes back a lesser-known Batman icon, Duke Thomas. While Thomas become The Signal in 2017’s Dark Nights: Metal, readers can enjoy getting to know the character before he donned his super-suit. There are some differences between this new comic series and the canon of Batman that fans are already familiar with, but we don’t want to give away any spoilers. All we can do is recommend reading the comic for yourself.

If you’re still not convinced, you can watch the trailer below.


While the Webtoons website only has six episodes of the comic up, they recommend getting the app to read three more additional episodes.

DC Comic’s shift to an online-based platform may hint at future shifts for other popular comics. If this new Batman comic does well, who knows what kind of content DC will create with Webtoons. For now, we are so excited to see the expansion of the Batman universe, and we cannot wait for the further development of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures.

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