DeuxMoi Is The Real Life Gossip Girl: You Know You Love Her

Gossip Girl made us dream to be in the Upper East Side. On this day, the show released and to celebrate we present to you the real life Gossip Girl, DeuxMoi.

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Gossip Girl and DeuxMoi

For many, Gossip Girl was only a popular TV series, but the original readers will know that the book series was equally scandalous if not more. CW had adapted the series written by Cecily Von Ziegesar to a TV series on this day of 19th September 2007. Since then tabloids have picked up, but in 2020 came one of the biggest gossip forums and she goes by the name DeuxMoi.

14 years ago to the day, we heard Kristen Bell say the iconic line “You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl” for the first time. I can still hear this line only in her voice. This was the moment I knew I would do anything to be able to spend just a day in this world and read the updates of the lives of the Non-Judging Breakfast Club (because excuse me for not wanting to be one of them, toxic does not look as good on me).

What is DeuxMoi?

We may not all be Upper East Siders. But the Gossip Girl books and the glitzy, star-studded series have made all of us want to send some tip or the other to Gossip Girl at some point. DeuxMoi, an anonymous woman, runs a space similar to the infamous Gossip Girl on Instagram, making tips and sightings about our favorite celebs public. Her page is not only a hit amongst the fans but many celebs like Gigi Hadid, Jolie Andreatta, Simu Liu and Julie Bowen (to name a few) also follow and inspect it religiously.

Gossip Girl and DeuxMoi

Her Sunday sightings is a newspaper/gospel for many as she reveals all the happenings of various celebrities through the weekend. She was responsible for many knowing about the famous Jenner pregnancy long before the official announcement. She’s the first one to spill the beans on shocking affairs, surprise releases, and also the behavior of A-listers in their day-to-day life. Sounds familiar?

An added similarity between the two women is the sources of the information they share. Gossip Girl got her information right from the mouth of the people involved in the controversy (most of the time). DeuxMoi also gets her tips and blinds from people working closely with the A, B, C listers like their publicists, make-up assistants, friends, or people they have had relations with. This is exactly what I mean when I say DeuxMoi is Gossip Girl and Gossip Girl is DeuxMoi.


A Gift To The Fans

The original show was infamous for sharing the news of multiple relationships between the very happening characters and even for disclosing the news of Blair’s pregnancy, though the show and its writers soon forgot about it and what would have been a traumatic miscarriage. But DeuxMoi never forgets. Her followers drink up and record every tip disclosed. At one point someone even made an entire chart linking up celebrities and created a big Hollywood Web.

Rightfully so, the reboot of Gossip Girl makes sure they carefully tread the red-carpeted path of the original and shower praises to the best tabloid of the 2020s, DeuxMoi. The show mentions her and acknowledges her service of bridging the gap between celeb life and the hungry fans, providing her with due credit and appreciation.

For everyone who still craves the original show and dreams of being in the Upper East Side, worry not DeuxMoi is not only a thing of Instagram, she has a large community on Twitter, Facebook and she also hosts Spotify Greenrooms to discuss theories and reveals with all!

While the creators of Gossip Girl revealed the identity by the end (a secret that will always nurse mixed reactions). DeuxMoi’s identity is a secret she plans to never reveal. We cannot help but cherish the release of this iconic show. And to celebrate our shared love for it we are grateful for DeuxMoi, the real-life Gossip Girl.

So, until next time.

You know you love her,


A Gossip Girl Fan.  

Featured Image Via CW and DeuxMoi World