Emily Henry’s New Novel ‘Book Lovers’ Is Coming Next Spring

Emily Henry, the bestselling author of ‘Beach Reads’ and ‘People You Meet on Vacation,’ is releasing a new romance novel entitled ‘Book Lovers’ next spring!

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The New York Times bestselling author Emily Henry is back again with another addicting romance novel! On Wednesday afternoon, the Berkley Romance Twitter account shared a tweet announcing that Book Lovers will hit shelves in May 2022.



Book Lovers will be published under Penguin Random House (PRH). The short blurb provided on the tweet reads as follows: “a by-the-book literary agent and a hard-headed editor, with far too much in common, might finally learn how to be the heroine and hero of their own stories.”



According to the novel’s official page on the PRH website, Nora Stephen’s life revolves around books. Although she’s “read them all,” she’s not your typical heroine; she isn’t the sweetheart, “laidback dream girl,” nor “the plucky one.” However, Nora is perceived as a heroine for her clients, as Nora is a “cutthroat literary agent” that helps land them major literary deals. The only other person who sees Nora as a heroine is her younger sister Libby.

Nora finally agrees to a month-long sisters’ trip with Libby to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina. Libby believes Nora must become her own heroine, and perhaps some “small town transformations” can help her do just that. However, Nora keeps crossing paths with Charlie Lastra, the “bookish brooding editor” from back home. Ideally, their constant run-ins would be cute, but the two have already met before a few times (and none of those experiences were cute).




Both Nora and Charlie know they each aren’t a heroine or hero. However, as the two are “thrown together” over and over again (“in a series of coincidences no editor worth their salt would allow”), the things they learn along the way might just “unravel the carefully crafted stories they’ve written about themselves.”


Emily Henry is also the author of Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation.


Note: Book Lovers is not yet available to pre-order from Amazon.

‘Book Lovers’ synopsis adapted from Penguin Random House