Epic Trailer for ‘The Last Duel’ Promises an Intense Medieval Drama

Starring Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Ben Affleck, and Jodie Comer, ‘The Last Duel’ is a historical epic film based on true events during the Hundred Years War.

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Earlier today, a trailer for the upcoming historical film The Last Duel was released. The movie is produced by 20th Century Studios and directed by Ridley Scott, a four-time Academy Award-nominated director, according to Variety.



The film stars Adam Driver (Midnight Special) and Matt Damon (The Martian). Driver portrays Jacques Le Gris, an intelligent and respected Norman squire. Damon plays Jean de Carrouges, an esteemed knight renowned for his courage and talents in battle. The characters were once good friends, but turned into “bitter rivals” who fought in “France’s last sanctioned duel.” Ben Affleck (Justice League) is cast as Count Pierre d’Alençon. Finally, Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) is Marguerite de Carrouges, Jean’s wife.




As mentioned by Variety, the movie is set amidst the Hundred Years War and based on true historical events. The situation that serves as the catalyst for The Last Duel’s plot is when Marguerite is assaulted by Le Gris, who denies this accusation. Refusing to stay silent, Marguerite continues to accuse Le Gris, a “brave” and “defiant” act that is literally life-risking. Ultimately, a final trial by combat will determine the fates of Marguerite, Le Gris, and Jean.




The Last Duel is based on the book The Last Duel: A True Story of Crime, Scandal, and Trial by Combat in Medieval France by Eric Jager. Both the book and its adaptation aim to reveal the truth behind the aforementioned events and what really occurred between Jacques Le Gris and Jean de Carrouges.

Affleck and Damon wrote the film along with Nicole Holofcener. Scott, Damon, Affleck, Holofcener, Kevin J. Walsh, and Jennifer Fox are the producers. Kevin Halloran, Madison Ainley, and Drew Vinton are the executive producers.



Affleck, Damon, and Holofcener stated, “This film is an effort to retell the story of a heroic woman from history whom most people haven’t heard of.” They believe the film encompasses a story that must be told, and will hopefully “captivate” its audiences as it had captivated them. Adding on to their perspectives about this remarkable historical happening, the three said they admired both Marguerite’s “bravery and resolute determination.”

Going even deeper into their approach towards creating The Last Duel, Affleck, Damon, and Holofcener explained they noticed that elements of this “codified patriarchy of 14th century Western Europe” still existed in some (unchanged) ways within today’s society. The team decided to use a multiple-character approach to their storytelling since “although often multiple people who experience the same event come away with differing accounts, there can only be one truth.”


The Last Duel will premiere in theaters starting on October 15, 2021.