Fantastic Beasts Three: A Disappointing Wait

There is a lot happening in the Wizarding World and as exciting it is, sometimes they just don’t meet the mark. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore just released their trailer, lets see how that is doing!

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To my delight, the Wizarding World has been making the news. After a long stagnant period, Potterheads are being showered with content and news. From the Harry Potter reunion to the trailer release of the latest installation of Fantastic Beasts. We can’t get enough of this world.

On December 10th, Warner Bros announced the trailer release for the 2022 movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore to be on Dec 13th. This auspicious date, Taylor’s birthday and Eddie’s new movie was waited for impatiently. Now that the trailer is released, I am disappointed.

The trailer’s release announcement had a better trailer. Though I was already disappointed by the re-casting of Grindelwald, the trailer seemed to be missing the thrill of the Wizarding World. The trailer showed Jude Law (Dumbledore) with a shaggy beard to hint at the inevitable war and Eddie Redmayne (Newt) swiveling to show that he knew his fantastic beasts enough to walk like them.

The Trailer

In the span of 2 mins and 24 secs Warner Bros also confirmed the final release date, April 15th, 2022. Hilariously, Dumbledore asks another one of his students to trust him. Knowing his nature of concealing important and life-altering truths, one can only ask, should Newt trust him? Newt is a Hufflepuff, who’s to say he wouldn’t? Contrary to other movies, Law’s Dumbledore graciously awards points to a house that is not Gryffindor so there might be hope for his past self to be much better than his future.

On the other hand, the movie does have most of the things that fans love. It has beasts that we loved from the earlier movies as well as some new and equally fantastic ones. Apart from Johnny Depp, most of the movie favorites will be reprising their roles; Ezra Miller, Dan Fogler, Jacob Kowalski, and as the Goldstein sisters will be Alison Sudol and Katherine Waterson. One can only hope that amidst all the Wizarding World controversy, the movie turns out to be great. Praying for no disappointments ahead.

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