Five Amazing Vegan Cookbooks For This Month

It’s Vegan Month, let’s celebrate by providing new Vegan Cookbooks to find new vegan recipes and meatless alternatives.

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Craving a meatless alternative? To honor World Vegan Month, here are five Vegan cookbooks to choose from as a new option for ideas or if you are starting the vegan journey.

The Vegan Iraqi cookbook by Lamees Ibrahim


The Iraqi culture has been seen as a place of war, destruction and disunity. However, people tend to forget its a place with family, love, culture, and food. This book is the first of its kind to be published in North America. Handed down and developed through generations, the author uses ingredients found in Western culture to create alternatives to the best Iraqi meals. Followed by history, healthy and storytelling through recipes.

The Vegan Meat Cookbook: Meatless Favorites Made with Plants by Miyoko Schinner


Usually meat substitution requires ingredients of high salt content. However, this books provides special alternatives to play with flavors, fat content, and less salt. There are several meatless options to satisfy a palette of all types without the extra salt.

Vegan Asian: A Cookbook- The Best Dishes from Thailand, Japan, China by Jeeca Uy


If you are craving vegan versions of classic Asian cuisines, Jeena Uy, the Instagram hit of the account @TheFoodieTakesFlight, transforms Southeast and East Asian cuisine that bursts with flavor. This cookbook covers toppings, sauces, traditional cuisine, and street fare. Why get takeout when a healthier version could take place in your kitchen space?

Vegan Boards: 50 Gorgeous Plant-Based Snacks and Meals for Family and Friends by Kate Kasbee


Food board ideas have been very popular among snacks and party ideas. Co Creator of The Well Vegan blog, Kasbee provides step by step instructions and colorful photography of each platter. These recipes require easy prep and almost no cooking time at all. Several include adventurous plays on cultural cuisines such as Greek and Mexican and include fruits and breakfast food boards. Explore the next party platter in this cookbook.

Super Vegan Scoops! by Hannah Kaminsky


Cool treats without dairy or eggs. Discover unconventional flavors that don’t require churning. From simple sweets and ice cream cakes, there are simple ice pops, cookies, and chocolate recipes. Create innovative recipes that transform tradition. Dig in with a spoon, slice, or chew it. There are many bold plant based alternatives for frozen treats of any shape or form.

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