Five Calm Lofi YouTube Playlists To Enjoy While Reading

Calm Lofi music is the new way to relax. When reading a book many have preferences of what helps with reading concentration. Lofi beats are the latest way to relax your mind and concentrate on the latest novel. Here are five calm lofi playlists to check out before you pick up another book.

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Many readers can understand that noise (or lack thereof) is essential when reading a novel. Usually, people enjoy the peace and quiet of their nearest library. Surprisingly that isn’t the case for many. Although many individuals claim that the background noise of cars or someone else’s voice isn’t distracting, it can be overstimulating. Even music with lyrics can overstimulate a reader. Reading helps you focus on the words grazing the page.

According to research, calm Lofi beats are the way to go. Lofi is a genre of music that has no lyrics. Their focus is on the hypnotic flow of sounds. These mellow sounds are in a constant loop. According to music professor Victor Szabo, the repetitive beat helps the brain relax because it’s predictable.

Many might argue and say that Lofi is boring music to listen to. However, calm Lofi music can give a reader the feeling of Zen. There is no pressure to hear lyrics from a song. All a reader can focus is on is reading the dialogue. Lofi music is a huge help with productivity and concentration.


Here are five Calm Lofi Playlist I recommend listening to:

Lofi Study Mix for Homework by amplitude

Samurai Japanese Lofi HipHop Mix by thebootlegboy

Summer Feelings Cozy Lofi Beats by Dreamhop Music

BGM soft rain jazz piano play by Cold Water

Lofi hip hop radio by Lofi Girl

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