Five Short Webtoon Comics for Back-to-Schoolers

Webtoon comics are a fun way to relax and have a laugh or two. The Webtoons app is a fantastic platform for comic lovers and creators. Every genre is accessible—to romantic comedies, random fun, action, and adventure, Webtoons has it all. When you need a break from work or other obligations, take time for yourself with these five short Webtoons!

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It’s back-to-school time once again for those who will be swamped with homework and other obligations. Don’t you wish you can have time to decompress with your favorite online Webtoon comic reads?

For those who don’t know, Webtoon is a very popular application that gives original artists opportunities to create their own comics. Comic artists then have the opportunity to become a Webtoon original. The goal for these comic artists is to maintain a timely schedule with their Webtoon comic and be consistent.

Webtoon is a great platform for comic artists but also for the audience to read fun stories of every genre. If you are into manga and comics, then Webtoons is another app to download.

If you are new to Webtoons or not I have five short story Webtoons to recommend that are quick, easy, and fun to read.

VIA INSTAGRAM @fishballishere

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a slice-of-life Webtoon that focuses on a girl named Fishball, who lives in Malaysia with her 6’5″ boyfriend. All of her Webtoons are short, sweet, relatable, and hilarious. Whether she is talking about her comics, life experience, her very tall boyfriend, funny relatable situations, and of course her adorable dog Biscuit, Fishball’s style of comic and writing is a hilarious and well-polished aesthetic that will make your day. This Webtoon updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


VIA INSTAGRAM @murrzstudio

Murrz is a Webtoon that revolves around the character named Murrz. When she isn’t talking about her boyfriend, Boobz, or her three cats, she is giving you short hilarious metaphors about life and other relatable instances such as staying awake past 2 am or, joint pain, acne, family photos, and being a cat owner. Her art style is simple but when she starts to talk about experiences that make you groan, raise your eyes to the ceiling and say, ” I’ve been there!”, then her facial expressions in her drawings will make water come out of your nose (if you’re drinking water at the time). Murrz updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.




VIA INSTAGRAM @marko.raassina

We all have read at least one book that has high school stereotypes. The two most well-known—jocks and nerds—are two individuals from two different worlds. Webtoon artist Marko Raassina has officially broken the stereotype! Nerd and Jock is a short Webtoon about two best friends who are, you guessed it, a nerd and a jock. They encounter every stereotypical scenario of brains and brawns. They lift each other when one of them is lacking. 



VIA INSTAGRAM @refrainbow

Boyfriends is the most popular Webtoon this year. The characters: (from left to right) Goth, Nerd, Prep, and Jock are all in a consensual romantic relationship with each other. Despite their different personalities, they all become friends. Later into the Webtoon, something romantic transpires. This pastel palette and soft adorable drawing style create a cuteness overload!  This Webtoon shows how each of them navigates this new polyamorous relationship. Boyfriends updates every Tuesday and Friday.



VIA INSTAGRAM @safely_endangered

Webtoon comic Safely Endangered is only a one-panel comic. The comic provides corny jokes that are metaphorical and literal. Other various topics it covers are everyday life, video games, philosophy, science, euphemisms, and trending expressions. It is a simple and direct Webtoon that makes you smile.

All five Webtoons are short comics that don’t take up much time and can make you laugh or have a hint of a smile. So make sure to take time and relax with a short read. Check out the Webtoons app for more comics and entertainment in every genre. 


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