‘Flawless’: A Tough Girl and Blind Boy Love Story

‘Flawless’: A Webtoon about an independent tough girl who meets an agile flirty blind boy. What will become of their relationship?

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Flawless is a Webtoon romance between a tough girl and blind boy. The creator is Shinshinhye, and they update every Tuesday on Webtoon. The chapters are short but hilarious.

Flawless: The Plot


Sarah is a badass tough girl who is very independent. One day while fighting off several boys harassing her in the street, she meets Elios. Elios is a young blind man her age. She is charmed and intrigued by him, considering he is a mystery, not to mention his agility and keen awareness despite being blind. There are so many questions as to who he really is, yet Sarah can’t help but develop a crush on him. How will their relationship progress once certain truths are revealed?

Flawless: Meet the Two Main Characters



Sarah is very independent, due to having a down to earth mother who makes sure she is safe but lets her have freedom. She is seen as very beautiful which makes guys always try to crowd her. Despite always being outnumbered and cornered by strange men, she has her way with her fists and is able to escape unscathed. One day she receives help from another guy, only he is blind. At first she doesn’t believe it, but quickly realizes her poor judgement and begs forgiveness. The blind boy, Elios, is flirtatious yet mysterious, and Sarah enjoys and hates it. But she can’t help but be drawn to him as a person, since he doesn’t think she’s weak or helpless.



Elios lives in an orphanage and takes care of the little ones. It’s not exactly clear if he has his own separate place or is just a frequent visitor. But all the younger children look up to him and see him as a hero and big brother figure. Even though he’s blind, he’s someone who doesn’t let that stop him from navigating the world from a different vantage point. Elios is agile and quick on his feet. He can also fight. When he first hears Sarah being harassed, at first he decides to step in, however, he admires her for holding her own. He can tell she has been scarred by this impression of men too many times to count. But despite his flirting and teasing, he gets along well with her. He may be a bit afraid to let her into his line of sight.

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