Four Novels that Showcase Diabetes: Let’s be Aware

To raise awareness on World Diabetes Day, here are four novels that showcase diabetes as a lifestyle that can make you resilient.

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Diabetes is a condition that needs to be showcased in novels. Whether its a character or a topic of discussion, diabetes isn’t something to be ashamed of. Lets be aware of people who have this altering life change. To honor World Diabetes Day, I recommend four novels that feature diabetes in some form. Whether its a character or a personal story, diabetes is something that should be openly discussed. With every story there are readers that will feel less alone.

Needles: A Memoir of Growing Up with Diabetes by Andie Dominick


A memoir of living through an illness that alters your life. All Andie’s life she admired her sister, Denise. She wanted to be exactly like her. From the way she looked and dressed, in every way. She soon gets a part of her wish. At the age of nine she is diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, a disease that Denise has fought against at the age of two. Now Andie must get comfortable with the idea of injecting her skin with needles twice a day. Andie’s memoir shows how she learned to embrace this new reality and to have hope. This 1999 best book for teens memoir showcases the personal struggle for the author.

Sweet Blood by Pete Hautman


Sixteen year old Lucy Szabo is undead, vampirism to be exact, at least that’s what she believes. based on her own theories the first vampires were dying diabetics. She is also a diabetic. But when Lucy gets involved with a self-proclaiming real vampire, she gets caught in the goth culture and lifestyle.

Sugar Scars by Travis Norwood


The virus killed many. In this apocalypse there are very few survivors scattered. Having few survivors means there is a surplus of unlimited resources such as food, water and houses to choose from. One nineteen year old survivor requires more. As a type one diabetic her body needs insulin to stay alive. She hoards whatever insulin she can find. But when she slowly starts to run out she has two options: she can accept death, or extract and refine insulin for herself. If intelligent scientists can struggle and eventually create insulin, what can a high school drop out hope to accomplish?

Good Like This by Peter Arpesella


A novel about family, commitment, connection, and self help for the body and mind. The perfect New York family.

Paul, an investment banker with a lot of ambition. Candice, an artistic wife who is by his side. Their talented daughter Sally. but soon reality crashes down, and their secrets are brought to the surface.

Paul and Candice exploring their relationship beyond monogamy. Soon Paul finds out Candice is a drug addict. He soon goes into denial and his health declines, with death facing events and a broken relationship with his daughter. When joining a research project on stress, he realizes his ‘management’ on his type one diabetes is no different than his wife’s addiction.

When the New York Marathon is going to happen, Paul sees it as an opportunity to bring the light back into his life and create clarity.


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