Four Winter Poetry Collections To Read For The Holidays

Let’s kick off the holiday season with four winter poetry collections!

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The winter holiday is upon us and bookworms are craving the next thing. I have four winter poetry collections for you to add to your reading list this December. Dive into winter wonderlands and Christmas poetry to give you a comfort during the cold chill this season.

A Literary Christmas: An Anthology by British Library


A seasonal compendium that has a collection of poems, short stories, and prose from the great poets and writers, altered from old to new. Enjoy the classics of Christmas tales turned into a modern twist of poetic and storytelling fun.

Every Word You Cannot Say by Iain S. Thomas


This collection is a way of expressing one’s words. What we’re afraid to say, and the hurt when we keep it to ourselves. No one else can see what you see. Words can hurt when not said aloud or heard when needed. Thomas is taking that step by saying what he wants but also needs to hear for himself.

Winter Phoenix: Testimonies in Verse by Sophia Terazawa


A debut collection that discusses the aftermath of the Vietnam war. Written in verse in a testimony of investigations, this collection navigates trauma passed down through witness, war, and dislocation. Accusations are lyrical and investigation is through the testimonies of solider in historical events: the Incidents on Hill 192 (1966, Phu My district, Vietnam), The Winter Soldier Investigation (1971, Detroit, USA), and Russel Tribunal(1966, Stockholm, Sweden, Roskilde, Denmark).

If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino


This poetry collection is translated by William Weaver. A comedy where two protagonists–the reader and other reader, ultimately end up married. Yet its tragic and reflects the solitude and difficulty of writing and reading. This is an experimental text where there are ten different pastiches, stories that explore why we read, and make meanings out of text. A complex rich collection.

Have a wonderful holiday and dive into these new poetic collections.

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