Freaky Fairytales: The Evil Snow Queen

Here is another segment on Freaky Fairytales. The movie ‘Frozen’ which has been the most popular Disney film of sisterly love. Get ready for the original tale about a girl and an evil snow queen.

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We all know Frozen has been the most popular Disney movie about sisterhood and a frozen heart. Well, the original story wasn’t about two loving sisters who wanted to protect each other. The Danish author Hans Christian Anderson is the original writer of the fairytale called The Snow Queen.

The Original Frozen Tale


The Snow Queen’s protagonist is Gerda, a girl who is just wandering around trying to find her friend. She has no royal status or siblings. She doesn’t have money, or know where she’s going. Gerda is looking for a friend named Kai. His disappearance is because of a curse of sorts.

Kai has been a jerk and has been kidnapped by the Snow Queen, taken to the Queen’s Mirror of Reason: a frozen lake within the castle. His eyes and heart have been tranced and now he thinks everything that is good is bad. So when he sees the evil queen he is captivated and thinks she is good.


In Frozen, Elsa is considered to be a combination of Kai and the Snow Queen. Although the Snow Queen’s intent is sinister, and she doesn’t cause winter to be everywhere while Elsa’s intentions are pure. Elsa wants to protect Anna from her emotional nerves and rage when she lashes out, causing winter. But during their childhood, she thought ignoring her sister, pushing Anna away was the answer.

The Female Protagonist


In The Snow Queen, Gerda only had herself to rely on and the ability to use her pity and talk to animals. Anna, on the other hand, encountered Olaf and Kristoff as a way to guide her to Elsa’s frozen castle.

Gerda met many women during her journey: An enchantress who tried to hypnotize her into staying with her, an odd princess who was sweet yet helpful, a spoiled robber who takes her captive for a while, and then a couple of wise women who prepare her for her encounter with the Snow Queen. Finally, a few animals bring her to the palace.

The endings, however, are similar. The power of Gerda’s love brings down the Snow Queen, causing her Mirror of Reason lake to break into pieces. And Anna’s love for her sister causes Elsa’s emotions to thaw out in the end.

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