‘Gecko Chan’: A Comedic Science Fiction Webtoon about Origin

Ready for an adorable science fiction comedy? ‘Gecko Chan’ is a Webtoon I recommend about a young monster who goes to school and discovers about his true origins.

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Need a cute science fiction comedy to read? Check out Gecko Chan, a Webtoon that focuses on an adorable monster who is sweet to the core. The creator Meritxell Garcia updates every Monday and Thursday.

Let’s get down to the plot!

Gecko Chan Plot

IMAGE VIA Webtoons

Gecko Chan is a young monster with super strength and fire powers. After moving to a new city, Gecko will have to try and fit in. However, the city wasn’t prepared for their enormous size. While trying to adjust and keep his cover ‘discreet’ he soon will discover his true origins. Gecko will have to learn about their real family and the family they have now.


Gecko Chan


Gecko Chan is a giant monster. But they have such a kind heart and sweetness. They want to make friends and have a fresh start. Gecko Chan represents an adopted child who is learning to fit in despite being different in size. Soon Gecko Chan learns more about themselves, their origins of birth, and how to control their powers.

Poko and Tanchi (left to right)


Poko and Tanchi are Gecko Chan’s two friends when they start school. Poko is a very nonchalant types of boy who is obsessed with his phone. He may have some moments where he acts reckless, rude and obnoxious, but he still cares for Gecko Chan. Tanchi is more sweet yet feisty when needed to be. She always puts Poko in his place, which is funny to read. She is there for Gecko Chan and always has his safety in mind.

Robin aka R-obin


Robin is the villain of this Webtoon. She has always wanted to be evil and have pursuits. Her goal is to take over the world and discover Gecko Chan’s true origins. Although her intents are pure villainous, she sometimes can be clumsy and doesn’t know what’s she’s doing. It’s funny to read as her failed attempts to find Gecko Chan are bringing her down. But don’t let her fool you, she is driven to find Gecko Chan, for her villain name is R-obin!

Alice, James, and Martin (left to right)


These three are Gecko Chan’s parents. These three scientists discovered Gecko Chan’s egg five years ago. They took care of him on their research ship and have nursed him to health. Now they are living in a giant warehouse, where they want to protect Gecko Chan from danger but to also have a normal life.


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