Google: 3 Best Books To Read To Know Its History

Google has a professional way of universal attraction to a wide range of users. Here are three excellent books that have an insight on Google’s strategies and long-term success.

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Google has a professional way of universal attraction to a range of users, from experts to novices, allowing it to overcome differences in culture, language, and geography.

If you are wondering how Google has been so successful, these books below give you an insight into Google. Here is an incredible fact from one of those books below: Did you know, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought primarily on these two strategies: a way to solve a problem, then worry about expenses if required. These strategies have brought about incredible results such as more efficient data centers, open-source cell phones, free Internet video (YouTube), cloud computing, digitizing books, and much more. If you never knew that fact, you need these books.

Larry Page was on the hunt for mountains of data that can be digitized and easily accessible online. The idea was to put millions of books into a format where more people could access them. And it worked; the internet has plenty of information from books and about books.

It is obvious how information has been more accessible, reliable, and flexible. Google’s virtual library model facilitates all kinds of organized resources with accessible texts.

Let’s dive into these influential books that focus on Google founders and how Google changes the way people find information and stay knowledgeable of the news.


Levy Steve has put in the extra effort to give us an insight on the bedrock principle of Google, a sense of its engineering, culture, operational report, product development, growth management, and how it gained its publicity. This book contains an inside perspective of Google’s search engine and its advertising model.


David A. Vise and Mark Malseed emphasize Google Economy, its founders’ beautiful qualities such as focus, leadership, and desire to succeed. It clarifies Page and Brin’s business strategies and the company’s corporate motto, “Don’t Be Evil.” Google employed on the way to establishing a group of advertisers and websites with connections to the search engine.


Ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg take us through the principles and vision of the founders of Google. This book discusses Google’s corporate culture, strategy, talent, communication, innovation, decision making, and an understanding of a successful business, which occurs by attracting a smart-creative team.

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