Hagrid’s 6 Best Quotes In ‘Harry Potter’

Happy Birthday Hagrid! Today we will look at some of his most iconic lines from the Harry Potter series!

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Happy birthday to one of the most loveable characters in modern literature, Hagrid! He was a friend, a teacher, a protector, and mentor to the Boy Who Lived– Harry Potter! As unique as he is, you can expect him to have some quotable lines. He may not have been the brightest bulb on the Hogwart’s Christmas tree, but he was very wise. He had a heart of gold and was always willing to offer up great advice to Harry and his pals throughout their magical journey.

Harry Potter Hagrid
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“There’s a storm coming Harry, we’d all best be ready when she does.”

For the most part, Hagrid was very positive and lived his days optimistically and on the brighter side. But in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, it could not always be sunshine and rainbows. Hagrid becomes ever more serious throughout the series as things start to go a little bit awry. He always kept it real with Harry, as he was his protector in many instances, and this quote pretty much sums up that there is a storm coming and Voldemort is near.

“Don’t you think on it Hermione, don’t you think on it for one minute.”

While many associate Hagrid with his close relationship with Harry, he is also very caring to Ron and Hermione. He shows his caring side when Malfoy bullies Hermione for being a Mudblood, which leads her to become upset at his hut. This is where he basically tells her to forget about it, and remind herself of who she truly is: one of the best and most able wizards around. This sculpts Hagrid’s true, gentle nature.

“Dry up Dursley, you big prune.”

Harry Potter Hagrid
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Rubeus Hagrid has a great distaste for the Dursleys and that is apparent from the moment he rescued Harry from under the staircase. When Vernon whips out that shotgun, Hagrid uses his brute strength to bend the barrel with his bare hands and drops this iconic line. What a wonderful way to introduce his character.

“Not all wizards are good.”

Hagrid’s purpose isn’t solely for comic relief. He also serves the purpose of having knowledge about how dark the wizarding world truly is. He uses this line to talk to Harry about Voldemort, and describe how dangerous he is to magic. He enlightens Harry on the true nature of wizards; there are good and bad wizards, and this is a crucial lesson for him to learn.

“Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me.”

Arguably, Hagrid is the most loyal to the great wizard, Professor Dumbledore. In The Philosopher’s Stone, it is made very clear that he will not stand for Dumbledore slander. He is not only protective of Harry but very much so Albus Dumbledore as well.

Harry Potter Hagrid
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“You’re a wizard, Harry.”

The iconic line! (The best line that also makes for an iconic meme, as well). This is when Harry’s life would be changed forever, and what a better person to tell him his true identity than Hagrid. This is an epic moment where a whirlwind of adventure will begin for all those adoring HP Fans!

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