‘Harry Potter’ Actor David Thewlis Secretly Got Married

David Thewlis, who portrayed Remus Lupin in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, secretly got married earlier this year. He revealed this news to fans with a sweet and loving Instagram post about his new wife.

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Ever since readers were first introduced to Professor Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the character has been a definite fan favorite for being respectful, compassionate, humble, and loyal. The actor who portrayed Lupin in the Harry Potter films, David Thewlis, is no different, as his latest Instagram post sweetly demonstrates.



On Friday, July 16th, via an Instagram post, Thewlis revealed that he secretly got married earlier this year to a French woman named Hermine, as mentioned by CinemaBlend. In the post’s caption, Thewlis reflects on their first meeting, particularly what his now-wife was wearing that day and their conversation. According to Thewlis, Hermine used to be a ring-master for a flea circus, which he did not believe when she first told him. The post also mentioned that Hermine is leaving England to spend time with her family in France while Thewlis remains behind.




On being temporarily apart from Hermine, Thewlis writes:

“Tomorrow she is leaving for Paris and Provence to visit her family for the first time in over a year, whilst I must remain here in London, hawking fine literature to the masses. I am already a little lost. I feel like one of her poor fleas, off balance and out of control on a flying trapeze, with no net and no one to catch me.”

You can read Thewlis’ entire, touching caption and view all the pictures from his post here or by clicking on the links above.