Hayley Atwell casted as Lara Croft in ‘Tomb Raider’

Agent Carter is lending her voice to Lara Croft? Perfect casting!

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CBR writer Michael Lacerna recently published an article reporting on the new Netflix anime adaptation of Tomb Raider.


This new anime series by Netflix, who Lacerna noted has also released series like Castlevania and Dragon’s Dogma, are now set to release an adaptation of Tomb Raider with Hayley Atwell cast as Lara Croft’s voice actress.

Hayley Atwell is known for her role as Peggy Carter in the Marvel cinematic universe, where she had her own spinoff series, Agent Carter.


Tomb Raider originally began as a videogame series (the most recent installments to this series being the Survivor Trilogy), and the games were also adapted to the silver screen in two films starring Angelina Jolie. In 2018, a third film was released starring Alicia Vikander also premiered. Additionally, the Survivor Trilogy also inspired a graphic novel series that followed the events of the first game. So for there to be another adaptation of this action-packed, fast-paced videogame series is exciting news–especially knowing that Atwell will be lending her voice to the iconic character.

While we don’t have a set date for this anime’s release, we most certainly will be waiting with bated breath!

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