‘Helluva Boss’: A Youtube Series Sensation Created By Vivziepop

Go check out the popular YouTube animation series ‘Helluva Boss’ created by Vivienne Medrano aka VivziePop. An action packed show full of songs, violence and crude humor.

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If you are into hilarious frightful animation with a sprinkle of music, Helluva Boss is the new Youtube series to check out!

Vivienne Medrano is the creator behind the popular YouTube series Helluva Boss. She created the pilot on her YouTube channel called ‘Vivziepop’ in 2019 which resulted in over 65 million views. In 2021 she had the opportunity to collaborate with Horseless Cowboy, a company based in L.A. that is known for animation, dubbing, and casting content to streaming services such as Netflix and Google.

The Helluva Boss series has been in the works since the end of 2020, with their first episode of the season. It has been confirmed by Vivienne that there will be eight episodes in this season. So far each episode has been released in a month or two.

Helluva Boss Plot


It’s about three peculiar skilled imps who run their own assassination agency called IMP. They use a magical grimoire book to jump between Hell and Earth to finish off their clients’ requested targets. This animation series is known for its raunchy humor and crude language. Including musical numbers, action, and gore, it’s everything you want from an adult animation show. With guest stars such as Norman Reedus, Cristina Velenzuela, Georgina Leahy, and many more.

Cast includes co-writer and voice actor Brandon Rogers (Magic Funhouse!), Richard Steven Horvitz (Invader Zim), and Erica Lindbeck (The Owl House).

Here are the five main characters of the series!



Blitz is the boss of IMP assassination agency. He is usually erratic and doesn’t think things through. When it comes to his antics he puts his team at risk. Despite him always insulting everyone, especially Moxie, he cares deeply for his team, even if he doesn’t show it kindly.



Moxie is the intelligent and logical person on the team. He’s rational and quick thinking and sensitive at heart. He is amazing at using weapons such as guns, bows, swords and more. Moxie usually argues with Blitz about his plans. Moxie is great at what he does and will always protect his wife Millie at any cost during their missions.



Millie is sweet as she is dangerous. She is the muscle of the group, an expert in hand to hand combat and using a scythe or knives. She’s really animated and sweet when on missions and finds the joy in everything. When it comes to her husband Moxie, she will protect him at all cost and show an immense strength towards her enemies.



A teenage wolf secretary that spends most of her time on her phone. Luna is brooding and snippy. She doesn’t do her job at IMP assassination agency. Luna does have amazing eyesight and sense of smell when it comes to finding their targets. She can also take care of herself in combat and has a human disguise when entering Earth.



Stolas is a powerful owl demon king in Hell. Stolas allows Blitz to use his magical grimoire for IMP. He is always flirtatious towards Blitz whenever he gets the chance. Upon the agreement Blitz can use the book in exchange for some fun loving in the sheets.

The Helluva Boss fandom has been increasing since the release of episode six. They have a popular line of merchandise with Shark Robot which include pin sets, computer mats, puzzles, t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and socks.

Watch Helluva Boss on the VivziePop YouTube Channel and other updates and animations.


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