Here’s Why the Eldest Child Needs to Read More Books

Being the eldest child is a hard life to live; here are some reasons why reading is good for the oldest child in the family!

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The Eldest Child Syndrome is definitely a thing. From being the guinea pig to new parents, to being role models, and even sometimes a third parent, it is no wonder we are so uptight. As natural-born overachievers, we find it hard to just sit down, relax and unwind; we are constantly “go, go, go.” This is why reading is crucial to our well-being. Here are just three reasons why it is important for the eldest child in the family to read:

1. We are Naturally the Smartest and the Wisest

No joke, it is psychologically proven that the oldest children in the family are inherently more intelligent. According to CNBC, research had been published in the Journal of Human Resources that stated how the first-born children outperformed their younger siblings on all cognitive tests. While, this is unfortunate for all your younger siblings, it just re-emphasizes the fact that reading is important to us. What better way to exercise our cognitive abilities than to sit down and read a good book for just an hour or two a day!


2. We Suffer from the Oldest Child Syndrome

As aforementioned, we are incredibly, tightly wound. Considering we were the first, we suffered through the overprotective, helicopter parenting that demanded we succeed no matter what. We have a conscientious desire to constantly succeed and to be the best versions of ourselves. While, in some aspects this isn’t entirely negative it can, however, lead us to not being able to relax. That’s why reading can be an amazing way to get the stimulation we desire, it allows us to be able to just sit down and decompress.

3. Reading Keeps the Mind Young

One way to keep us young is to read in order to ensure our brains remain sharp. Reading is scientifically proven to prevent Alzheimer’s, and it helps improve memory overall. It’s not only great for the brain, but also for imaginative thinking. It pretty much keeps us one step ahead of our younger siblings! (wink wink). When we’re bored or unmotivated to feel creative, reading helps instigate inspiration and creative thinking

Being the oldest child in my family, I know that despite having all of these responsibilities and constant expectations, being the oldest has been the best experience for me. It is a proud title to possess! Despite the pent-up stress it causes, reading has been a powerful tool in helping me alleviate some of it. I highly recommend all of you older siblings out there to pick up a book to read so that you can unload and decompress, because you really deserve it!

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